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Business developments in the Middle East North Africa region (MENA): challenges and opportunities

The MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) is a broad geographic expanse that hosts a variety of countries and is home to more than 350 million people. Despite the increasing threat of violence and unrest, political tensions, the collapse in oil prices faced by the MENA, it is a region with tremendous growth opportunities in both the present and future. Specific topics include: the MENA region business environment, the cultural specifics of the region that impact on business and specific strategies in international and cross-cultural marketing, human resource management, business operations, and finance.



The main objectives of the minor Business developments in the MENA region: opportunities & challenges are:

■ to enhance understanding of the success factors and the particularities of the MENA region business environment and the ways in which various dynamics

impact on business operations of firms in the region.

■ increase self-awareness of leadership competencies and develop insights for personal leadership

development through in-depth self-examination of skills, personality, attitudes and behaviours

■ analyse a complex business problem in an international business setting with use of an adequate research design, resulting in an evidence based feasible solution

Aanvullende informatie

The MENA minor is a tailor-made minor that focuses on students' own interests and preferences. Students and supervisors work together to build a customised minor programme.  


Bachelor students years 3 and 4 that

  1. are interested in the impact of politics, international relations, culture and religion in the global economy and in the way business is conducted
  2. want to increase self-awareness of leadership competencies
  3. want to develop their research skills


  • 2 Portfolios
  • Presentations
  • Research report


MENA Libguide is an online web based tool for accessing your reading/resource lists.


Monday and Tuesdays from 13.00 – 17.00

Wednesdays 13.00 – 17.00

*there might be variations in the planning depending on the availability of guest speakers and company visits