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The module e-business allows you to gain experience in the area of e-business. You can put the knowledge acquired in other modules into practice and you are helped with the e-business specific topics.

The internet environment poses specific problems to a company which have to be accommodated correctly. This minor focuses on the decisions that have to be made by companies on the strategic, tactical and operational level. Many companies underestimate the impact internet activities have on their company. They also underestimate the number of problems they can encounter when they want to adapt e-business to support them into achieving their objectives. A company will still have the same departments and employees and is attempting to achieve the same goals. The specific activities the company is putting in operations are completely different for a brick business and a click business. Companies that are a so called bricks and clicks business combine online and offline activities. This poses additional demands to the company and its resources.

Doing business via the internet confronts companies with specific problems. These are, amongst others:

  • The size of the internet makes it difficult for customers to find the websites they are looking for.
  • Site usability is paramount in the few seconds in which visitors decide to stay to explore the site or to move on to the next site.
  • After they found an interesting website, it is a challenge for the company to convert visitors to buyers.
  • Shipment of packages is posing companies with new challenges in efficient and effective logistics.
  • Switching to omni-channel gives companies problems in many areas.


It is important that you develop an understanding for these specific problems. Therefore, this module gives attention to the difference between traditional channels and e-channels. It also shows it is possible for e-businesses to strengthen offline business activities, or the other way around.


The products that are needed to start up an e-business are the focus in this module. You will work on products that will provide a clear view on the environmental factors that are influencing e-businesses. You will focus on the latest developments in e-business and you will also receive workshops to improve your ICT skills. This all will lead to the development of an omni channel concept. For the omni channel concept you have to choose an existing company that wants to expand their ‘bricks’ activities with internet activities into a ‘bricks and clicks’ company, or a company that wants to start up using ‘clicks’. Areas of focus in the module are: management, (e-)marketing, service management (CRM), ICT, logistics, capital budgeting and organizational design and change. With the addition of e-business specific areas as: Web concept and prototyping. The final products will advise companies in the main areas of focus when starting up or optimizing e-business.

at the end of the module the student is able to:

For the module e-business, the following general learning goals can be formulated:

At the end of the module;

The student...

  1. Manages relations with clients and experts.
  2. Chooses a suitable organization to develop an omni-channel concept for.
  3. Analyses the environment of a company.
  4. Analyses a company.
  5. Describes a company’s long term direction using a strategy, a mission, and a vision.
  6. Develops an omni-channel concept.
  7. Develops a web concept.
  8. Develops concepts in the area of: ICT, logistics, marketing, and CRM.
  9. Suggests how the company needs to organize itself to execute the omni-channel concept.
  10. Suggests how the company can monitor and evaluate the omni-channel concept.
  11. Presents the omni-channel concept to the company.
  12. Presents and discusses latest development in the field of e-business.
  13. Works effectively and efficiently in groups.

Aanvullende informatie

Verplichte contacturen: 12-14.

In order to fully prepare you for your Kies op Maat study at NHL Stenden, two introduction days -together with incoming exchange students from abroad- are scheduled. During these days you will get a campus tour, meet teachers and staff, learn how to use (ICT) facilities on campus and you will be introduced to the student life. Moreover, we offer an introduction to our learning system: Problem Based Learning (PBL). Understanding the PBL system is fundamental for your successful study experience at NHL Stenden. Therefore we expect you to be present these two days.


All students who passed the foundation year and participated in the second year. 


Development of a concept and prototype for the company, with additional presentation. Besides this your expertise in the area of e-business is also assessed.


Suggested basic literature is:

Although no literature is mandatory (because a lot of recent information can be found online) we recommend some literature. Some copies of this literature can be found in the Stenden library

Recommended textbooks

  • Chaffey, D., digital business and e-commerce management, Prentice Hall, Harlow
  • Chaffey, D., e-business and e-commerce management, Prentice Hall, Harlow
  • Goor & Ploos en van Amstel, European distribution and supply chain logistics.
  • Johnson, G., Scholes, J, Whittington, R., Exploring Corporate Strategy, Prentice Hall Financial Times, Harlow
  • Visser, H.M., Goor van, A.R., Logistics: Principles and practice, Stenfert Kroese, Groningen
  • Turban e.a., Electronic Commerce 200x: a managerial perspective, Pearson Education, Upper Saddle River
  • Zeithaml and Bitner, Services marketing: integrating customer focus around the firm, McGrawHill Irwin, Boston

Recommended literature interactive lecture

  • Anderson, C., The Long Tail: how endless choice is creating unlimited demand, Random House Business Books, London
  • Friedman, T.L., The world is flat: The globalized world in the twenty-first century, Penguin Books, London
  • Lazar, J., Web Usability: A user-centred design approach, Pearson Education
  • Silver, M., Exploring interface design, Delmar Learning, Clifton Park