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Music Management

In the module, Music Management, all the aspects of the music industry are summarized in a number of different areas of attention. The students study this in a number of different ways and become familiar with the music industry through CBL, guest lectures, company visits and by studying the literature. In CBL sessions theory is studied and discussed, during the second session theory is concretely translated to practical assignments representing realistic applications. That way, the most important themes and fields of attention are treated in depth.

In this module, the student will apply the theory in concrete terms. The student will write an elaborate marketing plan for a band or an artist. In the process, the student will do an overall analysis of an artist/band, work with different types of music contracts, product-market combinations, promotion, publishing and the artist’s entrepreneurship in concrete terms. The plan will also provide advice for the artist’s career plans. The student will organize a live performance / show case event and the participants of this module will write a personal career plan.


After completion of the module, student:

  • have knowledge of the music market, its sub markets and the industry as a whole
  • have insight in the culture in the music industry
  • have knowledge of the working area of the record companies and their roles in the music industry
  • have knowledge of the working area of the music publishers and their role in the music industry
  • have insight in the mechanism of the creation of fame
  • have insight in the process of personal idolization
  • have insight in the establishment of a live performance
  • have knowledge of specific marketing techniques
  • know the stakeholders in the Dutch and international music industry
  • know the most important advisory and support organisations that play a role in the Dutch and international music industry; you know the tasks of the organisations and you are able to estimate how those organisations could be of interest to you
  • are able to sketch an outline of the parties that are important to a specific band
  • have insight in the meaning of important legal aspects that specifically apply to the music industry
  • have insight in the meaning of important financial aspects that specifically apply to the music industry
  • know the jargon that is used in the music industry
  • are prepared for ethical confrontations in the music industry
  • know why the music industry is an interesting and fascinating but sometimes also hard industry
  • are able to describe to yourself why you want to work in the music industry and are also able to indicate a preference.

Aanvullende informatie

In order to fully prepare you for your Kies op Maat study at NHL Stenden, two introduction days -together with incoming exchange students from abroad- are scheduled. During these days you will get a campus tour, meet teachers and staff, learn how to use (ICT) facilities on campus and you will be introduced to the student life. Moreover, we offer an introduction to our learning system: Problem Based Learning (PBL). Understanding the PBL system is fundamental for your successful study experience at NHL Stenden. Therefore we expect you to be present these two days.


HBO-opleiding op gebied van Economie, Management, Recht


Geschreven opdrachten, carrièreplan, hoorcolleges, showcase-organisatie, etc.


Literature about music management, music industries.


Op vier/vijf dagen in de week zijn er contacturen.