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Blockchain Technology (15 ec)



Have you heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum?
Do you want to know what Internet 3.0 will be about?

The Internet as we know it is all about sharing data and information. The next version will be about sharing value and trust. Blockchain technology is the enabler of this new version and will bring many new opportunities. You could play a big part in this change. Blockchain skills have been the most sought-after skills by employers on platforms like LinkedIn for the last two years.

This minor is designed for all that want to gain more knowledge and experience of, and insight into Distributed Ledger Technology and its applications. During this minor you will learn about the origin, principles, and the inner workings of blockchain technology. Most of us are familiar with crypto coins, but did you know that coins are just a small part of the possibilities in the complete spectrum of blockchain applications?


Minor Content

You will learn about: blockchain whitepapers, decentralization, immutability, consensus mechanisms, different generations and forms of blockchains, smart contracts, cryptography, mining, self-sovereign identity, enterprise blockchains, crypto economics and much more.

This minor is organised in close collaboration with Blockchain Lab Drenthe and presented by teachers with a lot of experience in building blockchain applications. So, be prepared to get a lot of hands-on information, examples, hints, and tips on how to work with this innovative technology that has the potential to change the world.

80% of the time in this minor will be spent on theoretical information and 20% will be on practical assignments, both individual and in multi-disciplinary group assignments. For instance, setting up your own token or minting your own NFT. It is definitely possible to participate in this 15EC minor without programming skills: we encourage it! Having some experience with programming makes it a little easier.



This minor will enable you to create conceptual designs using blockchain technology. You will know when to use Distributed Ledger Technology - and when not! - and how to use it. You will be able to explain blockchain in-depth to your colleagues and employer.


Entry requirements

HBO students of year 3 and 4 with an interest in Blockchain


  • Written final test

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