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Future Design Playground

Come with us to the PLAYGROUND of the year 2050.

The future is waiting for your designs. Learn how to DESIGN the future solutions to the complex problems of our society.

UNDERSTAND how wicked and complex our current problems really are.

Develop a POINT OF VIEW that is based upon your vision of the future and create the story that visualizes your point of view.

Together with students from all fields of study and from all over the world we design lifestyles and interventions that create a better world in 2050.

Minor content
We will choose four societal problems on which we will be working in our Future Design Playground.

At first we research the problem in all its complexity and we will spot the trends that we may expect to play a role in 2050. We will then envision the future and write future narratives to be able to come up with design ideas for future prototypes.

This is the playground part of the minor, as we will explore terrain where no student has wandered before. After testing the prototypes we will create value for all people, now and in the future.


Structure of the minor
We have developed our own method of future design that is unique for NHL Stenden University. In six very clear steps we will guide you through the future design process. Every step will be supported by workshops, input by specialists, personal mindset research and experiments. And of cause everything that you can invent, design or imagine. After all, we are a playground! We will use design research to deeply understand all aspects and connections of future problems. We will work in groups on the four themes, but we will also envision the future and ideate and prototype with the whole group.


We ask you to be curious, open minded. We explore the future, so we seek those who would like to explore with us. We host all students, we like every opinion and build together new narratives. Positive and negative ones. You will be learning about wicked problem mapping, stakeholder mapping, visualize your futures, ideate and prototype, value mapping, busines model canvas and multi level design models.

You will also be learning about your mindset during the the designing of your futures.

Our world is changing rapidly and we offer this minor to prepare you for this future.  With the knowledge you gained you will be able to look at the future of your field in a different way.


We feel that: "Future is not something that happens to us, future is something we create"


At the Future Design Playground there are no tests or theoretical hearings but 2 integral assessments (interviews). The first assessments will take place after 9 or 10 weeks. The final assessment at the end of the semester.

These assessments will be executed by two teachers. Based on the work you will show, they will determine if you have made sufficient steps in growing per competency and if you have earned the European Credits (EC`s). The work you will show are your personal notes and the various products or feedback moment you gathered during the course.