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Outdoor Leadership and Adventure Tourism Bali

Outdoor Leadership and Adventure Tourism focuses on outdoor management, planning, provision, and management of controlled activities in a commercial context as well as the development of sustainably packaged outdoor and adventure products and innovative operational strategies.

Adventure tourism is a fast-growing sector within the tourism industry. This reflects the fact that travellers are moving away from traditional holidays in the pursuit of risk, excitement, tranquillity, and personally challenging experiences in the great outdoors. It is predicted that the demand for unique experiences and ‘authentic’ outdoor experiences will continue to grow worldwide in the coming years.

Minor content

The two main components of this minor are Outdoor Leadership and Adventure Tourism. The students will explore adventure tourism and outdoor activities. Adventure refers to taking a risk and moving away from the comfort zone. This may be intellectual, spiritual, or physically.

Outdoor leadership is a combination of outdoor skills, theory, and interpersonal skills.

The minor combines practice and theory and focuses on the development of entrepreneurial skills and competencies. Key activities are adventure activity management, planning, development of sustainably packaged adventure tourism products and innovative operational strategies and training in instructional trip and tour planning, leadership, and individual and group development.

The location of this minor is Bali, Indonesia


Structure of the minor

The minor consists of two components, outdoor leadership, and adventure. Which are translated into five learning outcomes.

  • 3EC
  • Learning outcome 1:
    The student can demonstrate the ability to apply acquired knowledge to deal with and solve various management problems in the outdoor and adventure industry.
  • 3EC
  • Learning outcome 2:
    The student can demonstrate an understanding of the subject through the critical incorporation of theories and their application to adventure and outdoor management issues.
  • 6 EC
  • Learning outcome 3
    The student can design a commercial product and manage and lead an outdoor activity as part of a team.
  • Learning outcome 4 
    The student can create relevant supporting products that lead to the implementation of outdoor activity. 
  • 3EC

    The student can develop knowledge of different leadership theories and practical skills in leading people applicable to the outdoor and adventure industry.


Outdoor Leadership and Adventure is a third-year optional module for students of all economic courses.

The location of this minor is Bali, Indonesia



Assessment forms are:

  • Presentations, reports (3EC)
  • Open question exam (3EC)
  • Outdoor activities and field trips, active participation, planning report, theory reports, and presentations (6EC)

Aanvullende informatie

The location of this minor is Bali, Indonesia