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Film (ENG) - 2023-2024

Do you want to learn all about the magic of fiction films? Then the Film module is the place for you. Here you will learn about the history of film, while learning from professionals as you write your own screenplay and make your own film. Roll camera!

In the Film module you will begin your transition from audience member to film professional.

Film is a medium in which the magic of the big screen and a passion for visualising a story converge. The basis of every film is drama, whether it be a Hollywood blockbuster or a European Arthouse film.  In these six months we will analyse, critique, watch, argue, learn about, and celebrate ‘film’. On top of its history, industry overview, and current state, you will also learn its tricks and secrets.

You will also write your own short film script and, together with a team, make one of those scripts into a real short fiction film. And a real film of course includes actors, sets, props, and an official premiere.

During the Film module you learn all about film history, as you watch, discuss, and analyse films with your fellow students and tutors. You will also go on two field trips that focus on film as a medium.

Several professional speakers give guest lectures, and you will even get to interview some of them. And you will of course write your own short fiction screenplay and produce a short film with a team. Leading up to of the official premiere, you will also produce a press kit, poster, and trailer.

To quote a student: “The structure of the module is very effective and hands-on. Teachers are very motivating and inspiring, which made it my favourite module of my school experience at Inholland.”


In this module you will develop into a true expert in the film industry. With a strong basic knowledge you will soon be able to work for various companies. From large commercial to smaller non-profit organizations and everything in between.

You know how to use storytelling as a powerful tool and you master visual language down to the last detail. From fiction to non-fiction, from documentary to advertising.

A film project is like a microcosm for various ambitious projects and fields of work. After the module you feel like a fish in water in these kinds of settings, where ambition splashes from everyone.

After completing this module you can be employed in a variety of ways, for example as:

  • Executive producer or line producer, production assistant or runner
  • Production leader, location manager or location scout
  • Recording director, assistant director or item director
  • Camjo, camera assistant or light assistant/best boy
  • Marketing manager, distribution strategist or concept developer


You will be working individually, as well as with your production team as part of the Film module. There will be about 15-20 hours of classes a week (three days a week on average).


Mostly papers writing about the creative process of writing, producing, and marketing your film.

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It may happen that there are not enough registrations for a module, which means that it has to be cancelled.