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Audiovisual Production (ENG) - 2023-2024

In the AV Production module, you will learn all the ins and outs of the video and TV industry. Over the course of 18 weeks, you will develop, film and edit one or multiple formats with ENG and studio elements. These formats may vary from a music programme to a game show and from human interest to a talk show, just as long as they are non-fiction.

You will learn how to develop your brilliant idea into a feasible plan, find an audience and stay within budget, as well as choosing the best platform to publish your content. You will develop and create your own productions while also considering the financial and logistical consequences and marketing possibilities, down to the last detail.

In addition, you will learn to look at other AV content with a keen and professional eye, discuss trends, and work on your camera, direction, production and editing skills.


During this elective, you will be working on the core tasks of: Research, Production, Creation, Marketing and Personal Development.


You must have 60 ECTS from year 1 and at least 30 ECTS from year 2 at the time of enrolment.

After enrolment, the following items will be taken into account in the selection for the minor:

  • Your average grade (AG); you will need to provide supporting documents for this with your apprenticeship contract, namely the weighted average grade, AG (average grade in Self Service or calculation of AG with supporting documents)
  • Cover letter, possibly with links to previously created video work (also state what your contribution to these videos involved). The letter and previous work must show:
    • Basic knowledge of camera, sound, editing (Premiere Pro)
    • Basic knowledge of functions and production phases in the AV world
    • Motivation, commitment and availability (note: 100% attendance is expected during the lessons. Assume at least 40 hours per week of lessons and assignments outside the class)


For half the week, there will be lectures and training sessions at college. The other half of the week will be used by students to work on their own video productions. The minor is ‘hands-on’: you will do a lot of practical things that are great fun and also time-consuming. In the AV world, there is no 9-5 mentality: field and desk research, location visits, filming productions and editing are ongoing processes that do not always fit into set school hours. 


Presentations, papers (research and essays) and delivery of video productions with all the associated documentation (planning, budgets, scripts, etc).

Aanvullende informatie

The module is also offered in Dutch in Haarlem in semester 1 and in Rotterdam in semester 2.


It may happen that there are not enough registrations for a module, which means that it has to be cancelled.