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Cloud computing

Over the past decade server side software deployment models have rapidly
changed, and the availability of development services has greatly
increased. Thorough knowledge of IaaS and PaaS solutions is vital to
software developers specializing in backend software development.
This minor addresses these topics in a hands on manner, and teaches you
how to develop serverless solutions. It consists of various classes and
workshops with topics ranging from obtaining hands on experience with
Microsoft Azure, to cloud database models, REST API design and testing,
Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps.
A general overview of the scope of the concepts of cloud computing is
provided by the Cloud Computing course. The API Design course teaches
you how to properly design and document an API based on the RESTful
paradigm using OpenAPI (Swagger). The API Testing course provides you
insights in how to perform automated tests on an API, and how to integrate
this into a CI/CD pipeline. A course in Cloud Databases allows you to
differentiate between various options at hand for storing information in a
scalable manner. Hands on experience is provided by several Azure
development workshops.
The core of the minor consists of a group project for an external client (not
for profit), which provides you the opportunity to seeing your backend being
applied in practice.


The student is able to:
• identify cloud deployment models and apply these models in a
development process
• design an API using the RESTful paradigm
• model and document an API using OpenAPI (Swagger)
• differentiate between various cloud database models, and apply
them to a software solution
• design and develop highly scalable serverless cloud solutions
• cooperate with fellow students in software development activities
• effectively communicate with external clients (not for profit)


Bachelor ICT 3rd year with experience in programming.


• Project assessment consisting of a specification review, code review
and two presentations.
• Individual code assessment
• Individual server side programming assignment
• Written exam on cloud computing theory
All assessments must be completed with a sufficient grade


September – November
Class days: 3 to 4 days (1 day off)