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UX design

Within the fast-growing digital world new software is released every day.
A lot of these desktop and ever-growing mobile applications are targeted to
specific user groups as tooling for a specific problem they might encounter.
These applications range from E-health tools for supporting specific
therapies for people at home to software to stimulate people to choose
environment-friendly routes by avoiding schools and dens populated areas
while traveling by car. In order to make these tools really useful their
operation should be flawless, and their interface should be clear and
A great design however finds its base in researching the human angle,
taking into account the people’s own perspectives, daily lives and struggles.
Meeting them, interviewing them talk about their processes, needs and
experiences with (perhaps) other tools. All this knowledge is then combined
into a design that is based in reality, offering a fitting user experience (UX)
for the intended audience.


In this course we try to emulate real life conditions by offering a
methodology for student to find and sort information to be able to come up
with the best design solutions. Students will work on real live issues from
real clients. Their solutions should be based in research and visualized in a
feasible and testable prototype.


Bachelor ICT 3rd year with experience in User interface Design
and Interaction Design


Students will work with real clients on actual projects, designing real
solutions for specific target audience.
• Student will work on three projects where the duration spans from 1
to 4 weeks.
• Students will be working in different groups.
• There is no written exam. Students will be presenting the result of
their work for a comity of experts and the client.
All assignments must be completed with a sufficient grade


February – April
Class days: 4 days full days (1 day off) – from 9 am until 5 pm