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Business Intelligence & IT Governance

Description of the minor

Being able to measure and manage the performance of a company is very important in today’s world which has become increasingly global and changes constantly. The data that is gathered and recorded by companies is more and more being used to manage and improve the performance of the company (business intelligence), but also to gain new insights and discover patterns in the data (data science). The first 10 weeks of the minor, will focus on both the theory and business practice of both business intelligence and data science in the following modules:

  • Project Business Intelligence (5 EC, hands-on project)
  • Business Intelligence and ICT (3 EC, workshop)
  • Business Intelligence Fundamentals (3 EC, theoretical foundation)
  • Business Intelligence Tools (2 EC, hands-on)
  • Data Science (2 EC, introduction and hands-on)

The theme of the second half of the minor is IT governance. The contribution that IT can make to the strategy of a company will be discussed, as well as the way in which companies formulate their strategy. Additionally, both existing and new information technologies will be explored, which provide companies with new opportunities for growth, but also have to be documented and managed (in an enterprise architecture) and embedded within the organization. These topics will be discussed in the following modules during the second 10 weeks of the minor:

  • Project Information Management (5 EC, hands-on project)
  • Information Planning and Architecture (3 EC, workshop)
  • Management Fundamentals (3 EC, theoretical foundation)
  • Enterprise and Information Architecture (2 EC, introduction and hands-on)
  • Free Study Space (2 EC, choose your own topic)

Both parts of the minor consist of theoretical modules, (hands-on) workshops and a project. In the project the knowledge and skills gained in the other modules will be put in practice in project teams. All modules are taught and supported by lecturers that have both theoretical knowledge and practical business experience to share.

Please note: this minor is also open to foreign students and is therefore being taught in English!



At the end of this minor:

  • You will know what ‘performance management’ is and you will be able to design and implement it for an organization
  • You can describe the main functionalities of a business intelligence tool and you will also be able to implement and use it
  • You will be able to advise a company on the use of business intelligence (and its IT tools) and information management
  • You will be able to describe and apply the basic principles of data science
  • You will know how a company formulates its strategy and how policies are made at different levels of the organization
  • You will be able to design and use an enterprise architecture using an IT tool
  • You will have expanded your skills in the areas of e.g. project management, requirements management and organizational design.

Aanvullende informatie

Please note: the educational institute of Avans which provides this minor is:

Informatica Den Bosch (I-H)

You will need this information for your registration in Studielink.


Every student is expected to have the following knowledge (or the willingness to learn this knowledge by means of self-study):

  • Basic knowledge of organizations (structure, processes, management)
  • Basic knowledge of process- and information-analysis
  • Basic knowledge of databases (design and realization)

In order to take part in this minor you must also have finished your propaedeutics


Examination will be done in several ways, including homework assignments, study assignments, hands-on assignments, project assignments and (written) final exams.


The minor consists of two periods of 10 weeks. During the first 7 weeks, classes and workshops will be scheduled (usually 2-3 days per week). The last three weeks of each period are reserved for final exams and project finalization.