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International Finance

In the International Finance programme you acquire in-depth knowledge of several challenging aspects of the international financial industry: strategic risk management, operational auditing, management control, corporate finance and economics, competition and Mergers & Acquisitions law. This is a challenging and exciting programme with students from all over the world.

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You must have level 1 and 2, i.e. year 1 and 2, knowledge of Finance and Accounting.

An excellent command of English is required in order to be able to participate adequately in all activities.We recommend an English B2 level (IELTS 6.5).

The programme is offered at year 3 level and is part of the Bachelor of Finance & Control (International) in Breda.


You can obtain a total of 30 ECTS credits. Each component of the programme carries a number of ECTS credits. You are assessed both individually and based on group work: 

• Project Strategic Risk Management (5 ECTS), including the modules Risk Management, Business Research Methods and Law
• Project Mergers & Acquisitions (7 ECTS), including the modules Strategic Management and Law
•  Management Control (3 ECTS)
• Operational Auditing (4 ECTS)
• Corporate Finance and Economics (5 ECTS)
• Business Communication (4 ECTS)
• Personal Development (2 ECTS)


To be announced.


This minor will have classes from 31 August 2020 till the end of January 2021, including two assessment periods.