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Addiction studies

Everybody unwittingly makes use of  potentially addictive substances. These range from legal substances such as coffee, a cigarette, a glass of wine or beer, to illegal substances such as a joint, xtc or a line of coke. Most people can use these substances  recreationally without serious problems.  However, for a small group of people these substances can have serious consequences.  Some abuse these substances to escape reality, to feel better or to gain self-confidence. The advantages then of using these recreational drugs  can swiftly turn into disadvantages as addiction ensues.

The use of stimulants is engrained in our society. We are all aware of their benefits. A cup of  coffee makes you alert, a glass of wine can stimulate social interaction and the economy benefits from taxes on alcohol and tobacco.  There are also serious risks; over a  million people in The Netherlands abuse these stimulants or is addicted to them. Substance abuse and addiction have a great impact on our economy (absenteeism, decreasing  productivity in the work force), health care system,  performances at school, traffic safety, relationships, upbringing  etc. In the Netherlands, health care services specifically geared to the treatment of  substance abuse provide support and treatment for people suffering from addiction. The minor “Addiction Studies” is therefor developed in close collaboration  with regional and national institutes providing ‘addiction care’.


Components of the Addiction Studies Minor:
• In depth knowledge of addictive substances and the stages of development of abuse. Substance abuse and addiction as well as prevention and awareness.
• Training in Motivational Interviewing.
• Theoretical orientation on dual diagnosis, substance abuse in young people as well as the elderly; social systems and social care.
• Professional training: Addiction counselling, conducting peer group discussions, case analysis and action learning.
• Cultural Antropology.

In this Minor you will acquire basic knowledge and skills on the subject matter and practically exercise these skills with the use of various interviews techniques.

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Mixed class
The Minor ‘Addiction Studies’  is an international programme. International and Dutch students will study alongside each other to develop solutions to specific problems in the field of ‘Addiction Care’. You will develop skills in the treatment and support of people suffering with addiction and help them explore new ways to enrich their daily life.  You will become a modern social worker with a high skills set, including guidance counselling and collaborating with different professional partners.


- assignment projectwork and presentation
- exam multiple choice
- assignment skills in motivational interviewing
- assignment practical case