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International Sports Business

International Sports Business

Sports connect and engage athletes, teams, fans and businesses. Sports fascinate and inspire. That is why the sport business is a very interesting industry, also from a commercial point of view. Are you passionate about sports, media & marketing? Is it your dream to work in a marketing or media job in the international world of sports?

The new minor International Sports Business will give you a head start into this field. It offers students with a suitable background* and a passion for sports the best of our Sports Marketing and Sports Communication Bachelors at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

* preferably a background in marketing / communications / media / events / management


About this minor

This unique minor helps you become a sport marketing & communication professional. It offers you specialized knowledge and skills in fields such as sponsoring, (social) media,  (fan) marketing, communication, and managing big sports events. You will work in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams on real life assignments. Some key words are: fan engagement (how to understand and involve your fans), data analysis, fan behavior, the role of mega events in city marketing,  social media strategies, conversation management and media production.

Introduction Courses

Introduction in sports marketing - This course aims to introduce students to commoditization of sport and helps students understand the intersect between commercial, political and social benefits to sport. The unit provides a general background to the history of international sport and the evolving role it plays. Students will analyse evolving opportunities for sport as a means of marketing and comprehend and apply the principles of marketing for using sport for commercial and entertainment value.

Introduction in sport sponsoring - Sport sponsoring is well and truly a phenomenon of modern sports. Sponsoring deals are a powerful marketing and communication tool for brands, which enables even more developments and commercial opportunities for professional as well as recreational sports. In this course, students look at sport sponsoring especially from the sponsor point of view, and will learn more on sponsoring processes, matching models and sponsoring activation.

Introduction in sport marketing communications - The central subject of this course is integrated marketing communication. After an introduction into marketing communication we will cover all elements of the marketing communication plan within the international sport context. Students will be able to use these elements in order to develop an integrated marketing communication plan.

Changes in sport media - The world is rapidly changing in terms of owned, earned and paid media in the world of sports. This course gives student insights on recent trends and developments in (social) media, more specifically within the sports organization that produces its own media. 


Project 1 Fan Engagement - Fan engagement is an important theme within the sport business. Students learn about the social and psychological processes that influence the level of engagement of a fan. Data analysis is used to get a better understanding of fan behavior. Fan based marketing and communication is used to reach the fans and increase their engagement with the club. Students will, in teams, advise a well-known football club on how to engage their fans.

Project 2 Mega Sports Events - Cycling is a very popular sport in this part of Europe. In this project students will learn about the impact and power of cycling in a professional as well as recreational context. Students will gain knowledge on the process of international sport events and how to use these to reach commercial goals from different perspectives, such as city marketing and sponsoring. In small teams, students will develop a bidbook with a concept for an international event and finding suitable business partners.

Project 3 Conversation Management - In this project, students will develop social media strategies and produce accompanying social media products for an international sports channel or programme. Students gain insights on how to build a relationship between sport fans and media companies by using conversation management. They can develop their ideas into different digital visuals by using media production skills.

Personal Leadership - Workshop sessions to work on your personal development by gaining more knowledge and understanding about personality and personal leadership styles. We use certified action typing trainers for a professional approach. This will result in a personal document based on different assignments.

Extra opportunity (optional)
Together with GB events Madrid we offer you a visit to EASM Summer School, Madrid, in May. The EASM Summer School is a great chance to gain insights in up to date sport topics of renowned international lecturers at one of the most prestigious private Universities in Spain: Universidad Europea de Madrid. EASM offers an International Business environment with students from all over the world. Thereby you have the opportunity to get to know one of Europe’s biggest cities with its vibrant life and culture.

Applications should always be submitted via We would like to receive a motivational letter in English, in which the following questions will be answered:
◾Who are you?
◾Why are your strenghts?
◾What are your ambitions?
◾Why are you applying for the minor International Sport Business?

You will also have to send in a certificate or reference letter from your institute, in which it is stated that you have a minimum level of B2 (or similar) in English.

Deadline for applying:
Dutch students: January 15, 2020
Erasmus (exchange) students: October 30, 2020 

A Skype conversation might be part of the selection process. Fontys School of Economics has the right to decline a student based on motivation or level of English. Students will be advised of their acceptance or refusal within 5 working days after their application. 

Contact person: Kris Tan –



Minor Regulation
Here you can find the minor regulation
The purpose of the minor regulation is to inform you about the subjects within the minor, how the testing is set up and when you have concluded the minor. Students can derive rights out of the text of the minor regulation.