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Finance Operations

Above all, success in business requires two things: a winning competitive strategy and superb organisational execution…. –Stephen Covey-

Our minor Finance Operations provides business majors like you with a more thorough comprehension of the economy-wide variables that are beyond a business’ control but can critically influence its performance. It also offers a broader insight into more micro-economic key business and finance principles. This minor further provides you with an in-depth understanding of their application to issues faced by decision-makers in financial and consulting sectors of the global economy. Finance Operations also covers the principles used by investors to identify and assess investment alternatives

Do you find yourself answering questions like:

  • Who would buy this product and why?
  • What factors drive this business’ performance?
  • What business information is needed to manage operational processes?
  • Do I feel this entrepreneur ‘has what it takes’?
  • Does this company’s strategy aid to the development of its business?
  • Is this business performing as well as it had planned?
  • What are the options for financing a business plan?


And, do you see yourself working as a consultant, in accountancy or at a bank?


Learning objectives:

  •  You extend your professional network;
  •  You gain a better understanding of   entrepreneurship;
  •  You can identify macro-economic variables that  influence the business’ performance
  •  You can assess a business model;
  •  You can assess business structure;
  •  You can advise on strategic management decisions;
  •  You can assess capital structure and related risks
  •  You can forecast financial performance and advise  on means of financing;
  • You can perform as an all-round business consultant

Aanvullende informatie

Approx. € 75 for literature and some travelling costs (to interview some people for example) .


To participate in this minor, you must have completed your first year and have earned at least 40 ECTS during your second year.

In addition, students should have knowledge of and affinity with agriculture and/or food production.


Not available yet.


Method                            Study load (hours)

Lectures, guest lectures     210

Project                              210

Total                                420

No timetable available yet.