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Applied crop research

Would you like to contribute to the latest developments in the “Next Green revolution”?

What is the best way forward when you would like to make a crop more resistant to, for example, our chancing climate or diseases? How can you best make use of the possibilities offered by different disciplines within crop research to tackle this problem? To what extent should you aim for improvement through (for example) breeding for more resistance in the crop, utilizing beneficial (micro)organisms, optimization of cultivation systems through data analysis or by using new technological possibilities?

After this minor, you will be able to answer such questions. You will further extend your knowledge on crop physiology (with main focus on water and nutrient management), molecular breeding techniques and practices, future farming systems (a.o. nature inclusive agriculture practices, precision farming and circular farming) and data analysis.

To fully recognize possibilities for crop growth  and management, integration of your knowledge about the abovementioned fields of research is required. You will experience that through a sector wide research project in which you will focus on a cropping system by performing a whole chain analysis. You will present your research in a report in which you explain your ideas about the most promising developments for future-proof farming of your crop. If you have specific ideas about future farming in an area of interest or would like to add a practical component we encourage you to incorporate these in your own research project.

To experience how companies and farmers embrace new developments and apply their current knowledge on future and sustainable farming, the minor will also include field trips and guest lectures.



Grading: oral assessment, sector wide project, and individual advisory report.


  • Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger - Plant Physiology
  • Several readers