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DAT (A.R.T.)

Connecting Design, Art and Tech

Students from all kinds of disciplines come together to create works that bring together Design, Art and technology.

DAT (A.R.T.) minor will be delivered in modules (total of 30 ETC’s) in artistic technology and design research, which encourages semester 5/6 students of all kinds of studies to share and innovate the specific field of art & design.


Our world is driven by technological developments that spark societal change. Artists, designers and technological driven people critically reflect on and use these new technologies in their work.

Interdisciplinary working conditions are becoming the norm. During DAT (A.R.T.) minor students will learn artistic and technological skills to create their project.  In doing so. The student will develop critical thinking towards our rapidly evolving technological world.

DAT-ers DAT (A.R.T.-ers) are people who change things simply by touching them. These people can shift paradigms, change thinking, create both movement and movements, inspire others, make things happen and realize seemingly impossible projects. 

They have a mind-set that embraces instability, that tolerates – and even enjoys – recalibrating assumptions, trends, thoughts. What they all share is the urge ‘to do stuff’.

They have the ability to be open minded; connect different worlds create new realities. All in their own way.

Passionate people. People on a mission. Be bold.


DAT (A.R.T.) minor is organised in different skill labs. Teachers are combined with workshops so that communication is clear and smooth. Also theory in art, design and tech is an important factor. 

There will be 2 assessments and also an essay is required.

The time table is divided in:  Tech Introductions / Playtime-prototyping / Concepting / Building / Presentation.

Final outcome can be individual works or a group project.