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We want you to function as an editorial board. Therefore we expect you always to be searching for news. You have to know what your target groups find attractive and important. You should not be scared; you regularly will be in touch with persons or organisations and confront them with your (critical) questions. You will have to dig up a lot of information through research. In the end the information has to be processed into a attractive format and you will have to decide which medium fits best to which (part of) the information: paper, internet, radio, television….

In this minor we collaborate with a few partners: The English section of the Hanze mag(azine), the English radio program HappyHourFM and their websites. Furthermore we will work on extending the media we use as publication platforms. We already created our own news platform (to be found at; we make use of our own youtube channel and Facebook page.  

In addition to this there are more roles to be played in an editorial board:

-       convincing your target groups to read and watch and listen to you; marketing, PR; building up networks

-       helping to maintain the tools you have to publish on; volunteering in the radio program, helping out with technical things like website maintenance and development, maybe find advertisers and other third party involvement.

-       Etc.

Furthermore some guest lectures and excursions can be expected.

There are two things you always should keep in the back of your head:

-       your target group(s): all current students involved in international educational programs in Groningen, but also the prospective students and the international students that did (a part of) their study in Groningen

-       being a member of the editorial board, you are a journalist during the whole period, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Competencies International Communication:

Competency 1: monitoring issues and research preparation
Competency 2: policy and communication research
Competency 4: formulating policy
Competency 8: producing communication tools
Competency 9: representing the organisation
Competency 10: intercultural competencies

Aanvullende informatie

In total this minor is 30 EC.


Participating students should have a broad general interest and have a distinct curiosity in a broad field. Furthermore students have to have excellent writing skills. Being critically orientated of course is also necessary.

Students should have English language competencies at B2 level.

A motivational intake interview may be a part of admittance.


Portfolio assessment
Participation / attendance
Written exam
Professional product


Will be publiced on the intranet.


Will be published on the intranet