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International Industrial Entrepreneurship

The World of Energy and Business provides great opportunities on a global scope. Sustainable production and green enterprise have become conditions for future growth in both the domestic and international markets. The question is: how do you grasp the opportunities for international growth, how do you decide what strategies for expansion to choose, and how do you go about setting up a factory abroad?

This minor combines international entrepreneurship with innovative technology. It includes fields as energy, sustainability, financial feasibility, marketing, international organizations, corporate social responsibility (CSR), politics, cultural differences and English business. The first part of the minor deals with preparation for international expansion. In a practical project aspects from the above fields are applied to determine the best possible strategy for a technology based company that wishes to expand. In the second part the emphasis is on marketing, human resource management, organizational structures, cultural differences and finance. In a project a strategic paper is drafted about setting up a business abroad successfully. The ultimate question that needs to be answered is how the international expansion will be successful.


  • The student can apply a SWOT model for the formulation of a strategy      for international expansion
  • The student can conduct a feasibility study as to the expected result      of expansion abroad and can write a business plan to support this
  • The student has knowledge of energy, scenario models, sustainability,      corporate social responsibility, financial feasibility, marketing,      international organizations, human resource management, cultural      differences and English business terminology.


This minor has been specifically development for students of:

  • (Civil) Engineering
  • International Business and Management Studies (IBMS)
  • Business and Law
  • Personnel Management
  • Real Estate
  • Architecture     
  • Built Environment

Students need:

  • Some knowledge and understanding of business terminology
  • English communication skills

Student is in possession of first year propedeutic degree.


Will be published on the intranet.


This minor will be given fulltime during spring semester. (Febr. - July)


Assignments, presentations and exams.

Aanvullende informatie

Project teams consist of students with different nationalities.
A computer simulated game and a project are part of the minor.
Additional costs for materials: € 50.
Extra fee for Management Game is € 50