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Minor Technology to Create

Translating existing scientific possibilities into new technologies, product or business. In this programme you work, together with students from different specialities, on new creative ideas in the field of product design and intelligent sensors. In a research environment you will design and create a new and useful service or product, or improve an existing concept. This programme is based in Assen, just south of Groningen.


In a large project you will work with students from different schools (multi-disciplinary) to form a project team. You will eventually realise the value of working with people with different specialities, while designing and creating a new and useful service or product. Depending upon your background, you will select some of the minor workshops, or make a proposal to follow other relevant lectures and practicals available at that time.


The Centre of Excellence for Intelligent Sensor Innovations (CENSI) is the applied research centre based at the Institute of Engineering in Assen. Here, applied research is conducted and knowledge is created and re-distributed among different partners, such as research institutes, (HBO) education and companies involved with sensor innovation. The projects that will be conducted within this minor will all help in achieving the goals of CENSI.

Aanvullende informatie

The schedule for this programme can vary from week to week. The programme is intensive and students who apply for this programme are expected to be available and present for the duration of the programme.

This programme will be conducted from Assen, which is approximately 20 minutes from Groningen by train. Students must be prepared to either find/accept accommodation in Assen, or be aware of additional costs of daily travel from Groningen to Assen.

Students are given their own lab to work from.

Language of instruction : English


Preferably 3rd or 4th year students. We admit students with a technical or IT background, but students from non-technical fields that would like to enhance their understanding of the possibilities of new technology applied to their own field are also welcome. There are enough possibilities for non-technical students to gain a basic knowledge of the field without becoming involved in the hard-core technical aspects.


Participation is the main method of assessment, together with presentations, a limited number of reports, effort and peer assessment. A number of workshops will be given, assessment of which can vary from written examinations to lab-work or assignments.


This minor is full-time education during one whole semester. Students are expected to be present  in Assen daily.


Technology to Create credits:

1.1 Creative Design
1.1a Creativity 1 EC
1.1b Sustainability 1 EC
1.1c Ullman Design Methodology 2EC
1.1d Mini project 4EC

1.2 TtC Project 1   8 EC
1.3 TtC Project 2    9 EC
1.4 Electives from TtC or Sensor Technology programme  5 EC