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Business in Latin-America

The goal of this minor to provide labor markets with entry-level, junior-management candidates with relevant skills to help the set-up, development, and/or expansion of company operations in their respective (Dutch/EU/Latin American) target markets. 


The minor will provide students with an understanding of current and future business practices in Latin America. Specific attention will be given to the following functions: management, marketing, finance, logistics, and human resources.  In other words, students will learn “how business is done” in Latin America. A company visit will complement students’ knowledge.


The minor will also give students an insight on the socio-economic and cultural aspects of the region. This will enable students to understand the social fabric in which businesses in Latin America operate.


A round of guest lecturers will provide a “deep dive” (detailed knowledge) on specific economies of the region.


The practical portion of the minor will make students write a concrete market entry plan. The plan will be presented on a business event that will serve as a closing event of the minor.

Optional: A one-week field trip to a Latin American country may be organized. The larger number of students interested in the trip, the lower the costs. Of course if students cannot join for whatever reason, there is no problem for credit allocation as the trip is an optional activity.


After completing this minor the students:

  • identify dimensions of culture and appreciate the differences and values
  • have the motivation to develop an open mind and empathy to understand and be understood across cultural boundaries
  • recognize trends in the areas covered that will have an impact on business strategy in the global as well as in the Latin American domains
  • develop the ability to assess the consequences of a vision and strategy for business policy and processes
  • identify distinct trends in marketing strategies for Latin American markets
  • have the ability to develop, change and implement an international market plan
  • have an understanding of cross border cooperation
  • have an understanding of cross cultural communication
  • give business presentations to a business audience (Latin American and non-Latin American)
  • have the ability to incorporate feedback, take initiatives and work independently
  • align business policies with societal norms and values
  • have the ability to handle conflicts and dilemmas in a responsible and accountable manner 

Aanvullende informatie

All communication in IBMS is in English. Commercial attaches and/ or commercial and investment offices of selected countries will provide resources for students to perform research needed for their market entry plan project. Through the attaches and commercial offices candidate companies could be found.


  • Classes are scheduled during the day for 12 weeks.  Start week is week of Monday 28 August
  • All communication in IBMS is in English (IELTS level  or equivalent; grade 6,0 or higher is recommendable)
  • Note that IBMS might have a slightly different academic calendar (see "Rooster")




Latin American Business Practices (3 EC)
Group portfolio (80%)
Presentation (20%)

Latin American Socio-Economic History and Business Culture (4 EC)
Individual portfolio (100%)

Latin American Economic Analysis - a.k.a. "country deep dive" (3 EC)
Written exam (100%)

Market Entry Plan (5 EC)
Group market plan (75%)
Final group presentation (25%)

Exams take place in the week before Fall Break (mid-term) and the last 2 weeks before the Christmas Holiday.

All tests/ assignments/ reports within the minor need to be passed with a minimum of 5.5. There is no compensation within (!) a minormodule and between (!)  minormodules.
In principle 80% mandatory attendance of class/ workshops.


Latin American Business Practices
-Summaries provided by lecturers
-Doing Business In Latin America: Challenges and Opportunities 1st edition - Spilan, Virzi & Garita - ISBN-13: 978-0415895996
-Business In Emerging Latin America 1st edition - Robles, Wiese, Torres-Baumgarten - ISBN-13: 978-0415859073

Latin American Socio-Economic History and Business Culture
-Summaries provided by lecturers
-Business In Emerging Latin America 1st edition - Robles, Wiese, Torres-Baumgarten - ISBN-13: 978-0415859073
-Understanding Contemporary Latin America 4th edition - Hillman & D'Agostino - ISBN-13: 978-1588267917

Latin America Economic Analysis - a.k.a. "country deep dive"
-Material provided by each guest lecturer about their own country. Topic guidelines provided by minor coordinator

Market Entry Plan
-Guidelines provided by lecturers
-How To Do Successful Business in Latin America: Your Own Guide to Export and Import - Axel Lopez - ISBN-13: 978-1495414039

Additional study aids
-Country analyses provided by The Economist Intelligence Unit (HHs library) 
-Latin America business studies published by Deloitte, PwC, and KPMG, World Bank and others


8-10 hours per week for the full semester between end of August -here week of Monday 28 August-until the Christmas holiday (12 lecture weeks and 3 exam weeks)

IBMS has a slightly different calendar compared to Haagse Hogeschool / THUAS. the minor starts 1 week earlier than the general THUAS Academic year (wk of 28 August) until end of December and contains 12 weeks of classes, then 2 weeks of exams usually the last 2 weeks before the Christmas Holiday (to be confirmed though). In general there may also be mid exams (mid October) -if so this will be announced by the minor coordinator  then.

Classes are scheduled during the day for 12 weeks.