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Sport & Events Volunteer Management


Nowadays the managing and governing of both national and international sport organizations and sport events is considered to be a specialization within the field of management. Volunteers differ from paid staff because often volunteers do not get any remuneration or compensation for their efforts. Therefore, managing volunteers is perceived as more complex than managing paid staff, simply because the reward system is different. As a result, the management of organisations which work with volunteers is also quite complex.

During this course, you will be provided with the necessary theoretical and practical background so that you become more aware of the management of organizations which recruit volunteers. A number of guest lecturers from different organizations (Erasmus University, Mulier Institute, Federations and Events) will provide a practical insight into this complex subject.

·       Identify different types of volunteerism, the roles and motivations of volunteers within sport organisations and events describing how they are used within different contexts

·       Identify current issues and trends in volunteerism in both the general and sports-context and list and describe future challenges in working with volunteers

·       Examine the management of local, national and mega events, comparing and reflecting on how volunteers are recruited and used at these events

·       Identify the different parts of a Bid book containing all specific details regarding an event such as the building of sports venues, accommodation, finance, media operations and volunteers.

·       Demonstrate an understanding of how volunteers are used at both the club and federation level and in events

·       Develop a series of recommendations for the effective recruitment, use and retention of volunteers

·       Demonstrate and understanding of event and volunteer management theory in different contexts

·       Design, execute and reflect on an event using volunteers

There will be excursions to several sport-related organizations which work with volunteers, i.e. umbrella organizations as NEVOBO (Royal Dutch Volleybal Association Association), local sport clubs and sport event organisations.


In order to pass this minor, the students will complete two assignments:


The first assignment is a written report to describe the role of volunteering within a certain sport (-context). The student can choose a sport of interest and will describe and analyze the role, strengths and weaknesses of (using) volunteers in different roles in that specific sport or sport event in their country. Students are advised to follow the topics that are used as subjects for the lectures to structure their report. This assignment will be based upon a literature review and extensive desk-research of the sport (-context).

The second assignment is a group assignment. Develop and present a Bidbook for a New Sports Event. Describe the specifications for the Event management like City Marketing, Accomodation, Volunteers, Finance and the Programming Side Events.                                                                            



  • The student can understand the operations of volunteers in hybrid sport organisations and events.
  • The student has developed skills on development and consulting organizations with regard to strategy and policy within sport organizations and events.
  • The student can apply (international) developments in the preparation of strategy as part of volunteer management in sportorganisations and events.


Sufficient level of English.


The minor will be graded on one report (individual assignment), which has to exceed the minimum requirement of 5.5. The second assignment is a presentation with an ungraded, supporting report. The minimum requirement for the presentation is also a 5.5.

The final grade consists of the above mentioned assignment and presentation:
- Individual assignment (60%)
- Group Assignment (40%)


Course manual Sport & Event Volunteer Management and relevant Academic articles to be provided on Blackboard.