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International Project 2

General objectives

This minor is a continuation of the minor International Project 1 (IP1).

The competences developed in the previous minor IP1 are deepened by completing a more ambitious assignment with more own responsibility for project work and learning processes.


Summary of contents

The student completes his assignment started in the previous minor, i.e. International Project 1.



For a detailed description of the competency levels see International Project 1. The competencies are described at top level according to the profile for the Bachelor of Engineering [1].

Competences Bachelor of Engineering (Level)

  • Understanding the assignment or problem situation (3)
  • Designing the product, service or control (3)
  • Elaboration on and planning of project, tasks or activities (3)
  • Execution of the tasks according to the planning (3)

International and intercultural competences (Level)

  • Communication in an international and multicultural context (3)
  • Cooperation in an international and multicultural context (3)

Personal development (Level)

  • Reflection on own performance (2)


[1] HBO-Raad, Cluster Engineering (2006), Profiel van de Bachelor of Engineering.

Aanvullende informatie

Indication of target group

Engineering students of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, but also students interested in project management, marketing, communications, human resource management and /or finances.

Students of above mentioned educations originate from all over Europe.


Werkvormen + verdeling van de studielast Teaching methods + studyload

Study load is 420 hrs = 15 credit points (cp)[1]

·  Project and Personal Coaching: 24 hrs

·  Project Management Courses: 86 hrs

·  Project Work: 276 hrs

·  Languages & Culture: 28 hrs

·  Social Activities: 6 hrs[2]


[1] The IP1 minor and the IP2 minor together meet the requirements of the European Project Semester (EPS).

[2] Due to rounding errors numbers may not add up correctly to 420 hrs.


Samenwerkingspartners Partners

Educations of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, ENIM, companies and sponsors.


Contacturen per week Contact hours

With team: full time (40 hrs/wk), including personal coaching of 1 hr/wk.


Bijzonderheden Miscellaneous

This minor and the minor International Project 1 are considered as a whole lasting in total one semester. This minor is executed in combination with the minor ‘Living Labs’.

Minorkrant De Haagse Hogeschool

Bekijk onze minorkrant om alle HHs-minoren op een rijtje te zien.


This minor is a deepening of the minor International Project 1 (IP1). The project work is continued on a higher level of ambition and development. Therefore this minor can only be followed if the student has successfully completed minor IP1.


Description of tests and minimum pass rate

The assessment is done on the basis of the following deliverables of the personal assignments:

1)    Technical and/or managerial reports and/or products (hardware, software).
These are graded with mark C1.

2)    Documents concerning project based cooperation, e.g. agendas & minutes of meetings, reviews, issue reports, policy documents (vision, mission & strategy).
These are graded with mark C2.

3)    Reports, documents on reflection on the technical and project based cooperation processes, e.g. given and received feedback, psychology test & reports, process evaluations.
These are graded with mark C3.


Minimum requirements for adequate performance

The above mentioned deliverables are graded in an assessment as indicated above.

1)    Technical reports in readable English , meeting the requirements of methodology and knowledge that the own education imposes on an internship report or otherwise a generally accepted way of reasoning in problem analysis , quantitative research including conclusion and recommendations or otherwise reflection from a preselected professional perspective on one or more processes within the project. Partial grade is expressed as a number C1 between 0 and 10.

2)    The same rules apply for project based cooperation. Partial grade is expressed as a number C2 between 0 and 10.

3)    Idem for personal development. Partial grade is expressed as a number C3 between 0 and 10.

Participation of all workshops on Cultural Differences / English Course, personal development (Strengthsfinder), project management & system engineering is mandatory. A ‘pass’ is given if and only if all workshops have been attended and homework completed. Otherwise ‘fail’.

The overall graded is expressed in the final grade is a weighted averaging of the above figures: Final grade C = (1/3) x C1 + (1/3) x C2 + (1/3) x C3.
In order to be awarded this grade, the workshops must have been graded with ‘pass’.

The final grade is transformed to the standards of the own education.

In case of minor omissions a second chance is given in terms of a complement of the assignment. If a student shows severe malpractice and/or misbehaviour he/she is removed from the course and a second chance is given in another project if available and suitable.


Blackboard, handouts, readers, project archive. Books related to own assignment and personal learning goals. Students are stimulated to consult academic libraries as well as visiting conferences/symposia/exhibitions etc.


Information about scheduling will be sent to you 10 days before the start of the minor.