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The international professional in the public sector

Students of all specialisations with an interest in international issues may enroll for this minor. The classes are taught in English, proof of higher than average command of English is therefore necessary. Students will be exposed to a multi-cultural environment in a city rooted in medieval history but with a dynamic view to the future. This is an ideal minor for students preparing themselves for a career within an international organization or for a career with international aspects.


Students will receive a thorough overview of international public law, international relations comparative government, sociology in a global perspective and human rights. In order to become proficient in both written as well as spoken professional communication students will be guided to perfect their language skills by following a tailor made master class English skills course. Also students will be offered a managerial development program in order to develop the managerial competences with regards to group facilitation and intercultural communication. To facilitate practical application of co-operation in an international setting between students you will be offered several trips organized to cities of international acclaim (students are expected to take part and those who do not attend the trips must complete an elaborate alternative assignment equivalent to the weight of the assignments made during the trips).

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Students are acquainted with all basic concepts of international public law

Students are acquainted with international decision making procedures

Students are proficient in English in on a C1 level

Students are able to conduct efficient negiotiations with crosscultural partners

Students can work together with a multicultural group of partners

Students are acquainted with all basic concepts of sociology

Student has acquired basic management skills

Students are acquainted with the basic concepts and dispute settlement procedures in human rights law

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Externe studenten kunnen gebruik maken van twee kansen


Students from all studies are very welcome to enroll.

Students are as diverse as ICT- HRM- Sports academy and pedagogy students.


This minor will be tested by oral and written exams, assessments and porfolio’s


To be determined.


We expect students to be available 38 hours a week.