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Metabolomics is an exciting new research field which makes use of the untargeted measurement of the enormous chemical diversity in biological samples and big data techniques to enforce new breakthroughs in biology and personalized medicine. All steps in the metabolomics workflow, i.e. from the formulation of a biological question to the biological interpretation, will be covered but focus will be strongly on analytical chemistry techniques (i.e. sample preparation, LC-MS, GC-MS, CE-MS and NMR) and big data analysis (i.e. multi-variate data analysis such as PCA). The minor consists of both theoretical and practical courses, including a 15EC metabolomics project. Expert from the field of metabolomics will contribute to the minor, i.e. by giving lectures and by facilitating traineeships. After successfully completing this minor, students are ready to join a metabolomics laboratory as specialized technician who will be able to contribute to metabolism research.


The mission of the minor is to deliver enthusiastic, skilled students who have metabolomics as their specialty and who are ready to take on a metabolomics oriented job or master track. The minor aims:

  1. to offer the students a modern, up-to-date Minor Metabolomics in which they will be taught all important aspects of metabolomics.
  2. to make students enthusiastic about metabolomics so that they recognize the value of this approach for personalized medicine and become motivated to contribute.

Aanvullende informatie


Herkansingen worden in periode 4 gegeven.


Studenten van de opleidingen Chemie, Biologie en medisch laboratoriumonderzoek, Bio-informatica of vergelijkbaar. Voltijd.

Motivatiebrief en cijferlijst aanleveren.


Verslag, schriftelijke toets, presentatie


Aantal ingeroosterde uren (contacturen met en zonder docent):

Periode 3: 10 uur per week

Periode 4: stage (40 uur per week)