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Food, health and innovation

The food you consume daily is the result of extensive food research, a systematic investigation into a variety of foods’ properties and compositions. During this multidisciplinary minor we apply theories from biology, chemistry, microbiology and other physical sciences to the study of food and the potential impacts that food has upon our day-to-day existence by exploring the relationship between food and health.    

Moreover, during this minor students learn how perform scientific research to develop and evaluate new food products and to determine the processes involved in the production and presentation of these products and develop new tastes and address current questions/problems related to food. 


Final Qualifications: 

  • Students know and understand the scientific foundations (theories, methods, techniques) of food science and can understand scientific publications in this field. 
  • Students can apply analytical techniques in food science to answer research questions in this field. 
  • Students can document and present results and translate scientific findings to a broad public. 

Aanvullende informatie

Deze minor gaat niet door in periode 1 + 2, wegens te weinig aanmeldingen.


This elective program can host max. 24 students. A basic knowledge in the natural sciences is required; 3rd- of 4th-year University students and 3rd- of 4th-year students from University of Applied Sciences from studies biology, chemistry and bioinformatics are welcome to register.  

Before registration students must have passed their propaedeutic exam and must have obtained at least 100 EC. Students should also send a grade list. 

There will be a selection procedure. Selection will be based on criteria such as study results, motivation and English skills. Therefore students are required to submit a curriculum vitae and a motivation letter. In addition, the motivation letter should include an idea for a food science experiment that the student would like to carry out. To register send this motivation letter and cv to 

Please note that there are maximum 24 spots available for Kies Op Maat students in period 1/2.


Theorietentamen (cijfer);
opdrachten (cijfer); 
verslag over de praktijk (cijfer). 

The second opportunities are given in the same period as the minor