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Cambridge English for Higher Education

Bekijk hier het filmpje over deze minor!

In this minor you will learn the necessary command in your written and spoken English in order to function at a very high level in the English speaking world (workplace). You will acquire the necessary confidence to express yourself effectively, fluently and excellently, which combined with a knowledge of the cultural background of Great Britain will equip you with the skills and know-how as an international professional.   

The grading consists of four exams (written and oral) at CPE level, a final research paper, and a trip to the UK (or a replacement assignment). A successful result means that you will gain the HBO Diploma at C1/C2 Level. 

For those of you who wish to take the official external Cambridge Proficiency (ESOL) Exam, it will be at your own expense. However, we strongly advise you to consult your teacher before enrolling.


  • To improve your English language skills to Cambridge Proficiency level (C2) 
  • To gain knowledge and understanding of the cultural and social background of Great Britain. 
  • To gain insight in how to express yourself fluently and effectively in the professional world 
  • To be able to undertake desk and field research in order to write an academic paper 


This minor is open to any third or fourth year students from any recognised HBO field of study who wishes to deepen their expertise and skills in written and spoken English at the highest level. It is especially interesting for students who will have international (British) contacts during their future career. 

Note: the required level to follow this minor is CAE (B2 upper level) 


First year completed and at least 30 ECTS in bachelor degree. Furthermore admission to the minor is at the discretion of the examination board of the study program. 


  • “Entry test” at CAE level V/O 
  • “Writing” schriftelijke toets, 12%, cijfer  
  • “Use of English/Reading” schriftelijke toets, 12%, cijfer 
  • “Aspects of Britain” schriftelijke toets, 12%, cijfer  
  • “Listening” schriftelijke toets, 12%, cijfer 
  • presentatie, 12% 
  • “Academic Skills” inleveropdracht 40%, cijfer + groepsopdracht V/O 
  • Studiereis Engeland/vervangende opdracht  V/O 


Cambridge English Proficiency Masterclass. Students book. 
By Kathy Gude, Michael Duckworth and Louis Rodgers, Oxford ISBN 9780-19-470524-0 


Colleges: 12 uur/week x 7 weken = 84 uur 

Studiereis Engeland: 3 dagen (indien de student niet kan deelnemen aan de studiereis is er een vervangende opdracht die qua zwaarte overeenkomt met de opdrachten die voor de studiereis gemaakt worden).