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Applied Molecular Biology

‚ÄčAre you interested in business and molecular biological research? Then the minor Applied Molecular Biology is for you! In this minor you gain hands-on experience with the CRISPR-Cas9 technique through several assignments and practical work. For instance, remove the antibiotic resistance in bacteria or mutate an enzyme and study their effects. And how can you study all proteins and their biological functions in a cell or tissue on a large scale? That’s what your learn in proteomics. Using mass-spectrometry a lot of protein data is obtained and differences between (clinical) samples can easily be discriminated. But also a single protein is interesting to study or to sell. Using different kinds of chromatography you purify a protein of interest. 

And if you think you have a good biologic product, how do you sell it? What does it take to set up a business case or a company? With the advice of companies in Bio Science Park Leiden, you develop a business case or plan, which you present in a pitch. 


The student is able to use CRISPR-Cas9 technology in cells 

and can explain its theoretical and practical considerations to fellow scientists.  

The student learns to think commercially in the field of life sciences and what is involved in starting a business or making a business case. The student will acquire a business mind-set and can pitch the startup or the business case.  

The student can analyse proteomics data and can isolate and characterise a protein and present the results of the protein isolation and characterization in a report. 


Studenten van de opleiding Biologie en medisch laboratoriumonderzoek. 



  • Hoofdfase jaar 3 en 4. Om aan de minor deel te kunnen nemen dient een student zich hiervoor in te schrijven. Inschrijven is slechts mogelijk indien: i) het propedeutisch examen is behaald en ii) tenminste 100 EC zijn behaald in de major.  

Externe (KOM) studenten dienen een gewaarmerkte cijferlijst met hun leerovereenkomst mee te sturen waaruit blijkt dat ze aan de toelatingseisen voldoen. 


  • M11EBS (5EC), aanwezigheid, presentatie, kwalificatie, V/O 
  • M11PRO (5EC), aanwezigheid, verslag, cijfer 
  • M11RBT (5EC), aanwezigheid, labjournaal, kwalificatie, V/O 


Herkansingen worden in periode 3 of 4 afgenomen