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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Managementis the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. It represents a conscious effort by the supply chain firms to develop and run supply chains in the most effective & efficient ways possible. Supply chain activities cover everything from product development, sourcing, production, and logistics, as well as the information systems needed to coordinate these activities.

International cooperation:

This minor takes part in the international exchange program. The minor is therefore open to international exchange students, who are mixed with the Dutch students. Students from Germany, Finland, Sweden, Portugal, Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy and China have attended the program. Therefore an international excursion is part of the minor program every year. Projects are situated in international settings which reflect the actual field of profession.

Contemporary issues:

The field of supply chain management is constantly changing. Therefore students are challenged to actively participate in external activities organized by branch organizations such as Dinalog, VLM/JLN, EVO-Fenedex and others. Internationally the minor links with APICS/ASCM and the Supply Chain Council. A membership with JLN  and ASCM  is advised for the minor. 

Contribution to play the management games is asked (+/- 35 Euro)


After completion of the minor:

  • The student is able to use tools from Lean Six Sigma,  SCOR and Theory of Constraints
  • Supply Chain Management skills obtained by playing a SCM-management game (the Fresh Connection) and a Theory of Constrains management game.The student has gained experience in working with students from different countries
  • The student can develop logistical concepts
  • The student has good project management skills
  • The student understands the different objectives of the supply chain partners and the implications of supply chain changes

Theoretical program (15 ec):

  • Management of Resources: based on the curriculum of APICS- Certified Production and Inventory Management developed by the ASCM organization (
  • Methods and tools: based on the Lean Six Sigma theoretics and the SCOR Framework developed by the Supply Chain Council
  • Theory of Constrains workshops based on Goldratt’s Production the ToC way management game
  • Innovations in SCM
  • Transport and Supply Chain Management
  • Value Chain Management

Practical program (15 ec):

  • ASCM Case Competition: International Case competition developed by ASCM in collaboration with Deloitte
  • CMI six sigma: project based on a distribution case study in which the Lean techniques and Six Sigma project methodology have to be used.
  • SCOR: research a supply chain in an actual company.
  • SCM-today (1 and 2):
  • The Fresh Connection (  is played, offering students a learning environment around a cross functional business simulation and to make strategic and tactical decisions in the value chain. 
  • A wide variety of external activities to be performed and guest lecturers to attend
  • An international excursion is organized to visit SCM companies abroad. 


- Propedeuse behaald - Maximaal 15 studiepunten studieachterstand in semester 3 en 4 - Alle stages t/m jaar 3 behaald - De minor is toegankelijk voor studenten Logistics Management, Logistics Engineering en Technische Bedrijfskunde en andere economische opleidingen.


Studenten worden per project getoetst aan de hand van het op te leveren beroepsproduct waarmee je aantoont dat je competenties op een bepaald niveau hebt verworven. Aan de hand van producten en presentaties worden de studenten beoordeeld door de opdrachtgever, docenten, medestudenten van het eigen multidisciplinaire team en het beroepenveld.

Ondersteunend aan de projecten worden enkele onderdelen cursorisch aangeboden. Dit kunnen theoretische onderdelen of vaardigheidstrainingen zijn, die schriftelijk kunnen worden getoetst of als onderdeel van het project waar mogelijk en relevant.


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  • Christopher, Martin (2016)- Logistics and supply chain management: creating value-adding networks –  – 5th edition – 2016, ISBN: 978-1-292-08379-7
  • Lunau, Stephan et. Al (2013)., Six Sigma + Lean Toolset, mindset for successful implementation of improvement projects- 2nd edition, ISBN: 978 3 642 35881 1.
  • Osterwalder, Alexander, Pigneur Yves (2010)- Business Model Generation (English version): a handbook for visionaries, game changers and challengers- First edition, ISBN: 9780470876411


De minor gaat van start in september. De duur van de minor is een half jaar, en beslaat twee onderwijsperiodes. Contacttijd is geschat op 15 lesuren per week.