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Digital Marketing

It is no longer possible to apply for this programme. The application deadline for the fall semester 2018-2019 has passed. 

This minor Digital Marketing is designed to prepare you for the requirements and changes brought by the digitalization of life and the impact of the Internet on business and marketing. You will gear yourself with wide range of digital marketing knowledge and skills, both on strategic and application level.

During this minor you get the opportunity to focus on your own chosen individual assignments related to digital marketing and share it with your fellow students. You will also work in a team and develop together workshops on different digital marketing topics. An important part of this minor is the consultancy project, where you are going to develop a digital marketing plan for a company of your choice. This is an individual assignment where you will also redesign their webpage and develop digital campaigns. 

We are going to share knowledge and experiences and many guest lectures and practical trainings will be offered to inspire you. We expect from you: full dedication, pro-activeness, own initiatives, eagerness to learn, and willingness to share knowledge, creativity, co-creation and a professional attitude. 

For more insight see the videos made by the Digital marketing minor students: 

Central lectures

Central lectures

Not only teachers are expected to contribute to the central lectures, the teams will also play an active role. Through team assignments, they will be challenged to research digital marketing topics, trends and best practices and present their findings during the lectures. Last but not least, the central lectures will be used to discuss progress of the consultancy projects and the digital strategies of the companies. The teams are encouraged to share and discuss their experience and create a collective learning process. Issues, problems or breakthroughs will be addressed and all teams can use the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to counter roadblocks in their projects.

Guest lectures
Each block many diverse guest lectures from the digital marketing working field will be part of the program. Intrinsic part of the instruction are trainings delivered by external parties, e.g. SEO/SEA, Google Analytics, Digital Workshop and more trainings provided by Google and partners and other leading organizations.

Some great guest lectures have been given by the following companies: Google, RockBoost, Orange Valley, LeadToday, CoolBlue, Adidias, 3M, B-Corps, Unilever, Philips, Exact, our own project companies and alumni. 


During this programme the theories will be based on a balanced combination of digital marketing and marketing management theories and topics. Here is an example of some of these:

Digital Marketing Fundamentals
Email marketing
Marketing software/tools
Digital Marketing Planning (RACE)
Viral Marketing (WOMM)
Web Design
Digital Personas

Aanvullende informatie

For more information about this programme take a look at


The minor is intended for 3rd or 4th year students of economic/business management programs of applied universities.

The following students can be admitted: students who successfully completed courses of Marketing and/or International Business Management within their applied university program. Required entry level: successfully completed first and second year of their studies and the level of English must be CEFR level B2. 

For HR students: As outlined in the Rotterdam University Handbook (2017-2018) on HINT, in order to be eligible for access to a minor program (IBMS) students must earn 168 credits. These credits are broken down as follows: First year study programme completion (60 credits); Second year study programme completion (60 credits); Placement completion (30 credits); At least 18 credits earned during semester 6.


The Digital Marketing Minor is involved with three main assignments which are specifically designed to help the students bring marketing theories into practice. 

Digital Marketing Plan (Project Consultancy 1/2)
The digital marketing plan is a consultancy project. Every student will have an opportunity to develop and suggest a digital marketing strategy as well as a campaign for an existing company of their choice. Consultation will be provided by one of the lecturers on a weekly basis, to help guide the student throughout the whole project. 

Individual Assignment (Digital Marketing 1/2)
The student can choose to work on an individual assignment of their preference, including a topic, a digital marketing task (limited and must be assigned), website development or a research assignment. The only condition is that the student cannot work on the same assignment for the whole semester; in each study block, the student must choose a different individual assignment to work on. 

Workshop (Project Initiation/ Implementation)
Workshop is an assignment for a team of students. Every study block, the team will initiate a workshop to exchange knowledge with the fellow students as well as the teachers. Each workshop must be related to the digital marketing topic of the week and may be carried out in a uniquely creative style. Along with that the team will explore the topic in an in-depth research paper.

Note: full descriptions and instructions of the assignments are provided in the course handbook, which can be accessed to after enrolment to the course.


To be announced


Block 1

In the first block you will take the subjects Digital Marketing (5 EC), Project Initiation (4 EC) and Project Consultancy (6 EC). 

Block 2
In the second block you will take the subjects Digital Marketing (5 EC), Project Implementation (4 EC) and Project Consultancy (6 EC).