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Big Data and Social Media - English

Unfortunately, no more places are available for this minor in period CD.

​More and more of our culture and social interactions are translated into machine-readable data. The massive quantities of rich social, cultural, economic, political and historical data offer practisioners the opportunity to study culture and social interactions through big Data and new data analytics or to create new services. Every minute you generate data. Your phone makes contact with Wi-Fi and you have already left a trace where you are. You see a post or follow someone on Snapchat, and you have left a trail. 

This minor focuses on the impact of (big) data on business and society and investigates the impact of data on design: how can you create a new data-driven service? And how do you design them in such a way that you also deal with privacy issues? How can we use data to measure user engagement? 


​- a student can collect data from the Web and social media with tools and various coding techniques
- a student can analyse, and visualise Web and social media with tools and various coding techniques
- a student van explain the opportunities, challenges and implications of (big) data
- a student can use various techniques in order to research the datafied society
- a student can explain what the impact is of a datafied society
- a student can conceptualize, design and create a new data-driven service and explain its worth

Aanvullende informatie

Learning Agreements received by us before December 1 2018 can be considered.

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry. 

As a condition for enrolment the propaedeutic phase has to be passed. This is due to main phase intake.




​- Data Playground: assignments and exam (individual)
- Data Society: written exam (individual)
- Project Research with Data: a research paper (individual)
- Data Learning: assignments (individual)
- Project Design for Data: a prototype, presentation and report (group)​


​- Smart Data (Bernard Marr)
- Data Smart (John Foreman)
- To be decided, the field changes rapidly and we keep changing literature to meet market demand


To be announced.