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Europe in the world

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Do you want to specialise in Journalism, Communication or Media and are you looking for an extra challenge or honours certificate? Are you internationally oriented and ambitious? Join the prestigious Europe in the World (EitW) international honours programme at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. This is a joined programme in cooperation with the Danish School for Media and Journalism in Aarhus.
Each year, young professionals from different countries have the opportunity to join this prestigious programme in international reporting. Become part of a global network of ambitious professionals across all fields of journalism and communication. 
Please check out our website for more information:

For students in the Netherlands the first part of this programme is available as a stand-alone 30 EC minor, with the option to continue in Denmark for the second part. The Danish part of the programme is funded by Erasmus+ and can count for study abroad or honours, depending on the options in your own institute. When you complete the second part successfully you will achieve the HU honours certificate.
If you want to participate in the full year programme, and continue in Denmark, you can apply with the programme coordinator before 1 November.


This programme cannot be compared to any regular academic exchange. In one years’ time you are educated and trained to be an international journalist or communicating specialist. You live and study in two countries, travel to various European destinations, and produce an exciting variety of products.

In the first part of the programme (stand-alone 30 EC minor) you will encounter the following topics and activities:

· The development of Europe and the European Union.

  • An outlook on different forms of regional cooperation in Europe.
  • Culture and identity in Europe.
  • Reporting on Europe and international affairs (news platform).
  • Excursions and field trips in Europe.

If you decide to continue for the honours certificate in Denmark you will also encounter:

  • The role of Europe in the world.
  • Relationships between Eastern and Western European countries.
  • Relationships between Europe and developing countries.
  • Reporting on European themes and countries (online magazine)
  • Reporting trips in Europe
  • Your own final honours project


This full programme runs over two semesters. The first part is available as minor, the second part is an optional extension to complete the honours certificate. Separate application for the second part is required.. Europe in the World contains the following courses:

Semester 1 (A,B)

Minor in the Netherlands

Knowing: Politics, Economics, European Law: 10EC

Thinking: Sustainable Regional Development, Culture and Identity: 10EC

Doing: Reporting Europe (Euroscope newsroom): 10EC

Semester 2 (C,D)

Study Abroad or Honours in Denmark (optional)

Europe and the World: World Politics and Globalisation: 10EC

Euroviews: Online magazine: 10EC

Final Honours Project: Field Reporting and Productions: 10EC

In our Study Guide you can read more detailed information on the specific courses, see:


Sustainable minor

HU has a wide range of minors. If you’re interested in sustainability in relation to your field of study, HU is the place for you. Green Office compiled a list of the most sustainable minors and marked them with the Green Office logo. This is one of those minors. For more information on why Green Office deemed this minor sustainable, have a look at the Green Office website.


The competences required for bachelor level follow the Tartu Qualification Profile 2013 published by the European Journalism Training Association (

Competences for the honours level follow the profile characteristics of the Excellent Professional as defined by the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, applied for Journalism and Media Studies. Apart from competences the honours level is defined by a higher level of complexity, a broader scope and autonomous professional conduct, in line with the Dublin Descriptors, level 6+ (bachelor with honours). The honours certificate is issued by HU.

  1. Reflective Practitioner
  2. Global Professionalism
  3. Leadership
  4. Entrepreneurship and Professional Drive
  5. Research, Innovation and Dissemination

Aanvullende informatie

Semester AB

Learning agreements received by us before July 6th 2019 will be taken into consideration.

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry. 


Semester CD

Learning agreements received by us before December 7th 2019 will be taken into consideration.

Learning agreements are handled in order of entry. 


Entry requirements

This programme has a selection procedure you need to show:

  • Journalistic or communication skills, either through education or work.
  • Proven interest in international issues, reporting or communication.
  • TOEFL score 550 paper-based, 213 computer-based or 80 Internet-based, or IELTS score 6.5, or similar.

Please check out the entry procedure on our website:


Assessment of the different tracks, courses and honours projects is described in the Study Guide.




Semester 1

Knowing: Written exams*

Thinking: Written assignment

Doing: Productions*

Semester 2 (optional)

Europe and the World: Written assignments*

Euroviews: Productions*

Final Honours Project: Productions, presentation, reflection

* supported by class work, presentations and case discussions where applicable


The minor will be taught using the following literature. Before the start of the course you will receive/be issued the final reading list.

  • John McCormick, European Union Politics, 2nd edition 2015. Available as e-book. Student- and lecturer extra’s on:
  • Mike Gandon, (edited by Heather Purdey), English for International Journalists. 2013 – Routledge
  • Vanessa Edwards, Research Skills for Journalists. Routledge, 2016 ISBN 9781408282977
  • Stuart Hall, Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices, 2nd edition, 2013 – Sage Publications


Europe in the World is a full-time, intensive programme. Classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday.The final schedule is available from August 2019 for those who start the minor in September.