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Academic and Professional skills for (pre-) Masters in English

Unfortunately this minor does not take place in period CD.

For whom

Are you the motivated student who wants to make the most of your future (international) career, or do you have your heart set on getting your master’s degree? If so, this challenging and activating minor course will be a major step in that direction.  It will not only increase your practical skills in advanced English but also how to apply these in a professional and academic setting.


The minor course comprises six modules. You will further improve your proficiency and knowledge of English and apply them in numerous practical professional or academic situations. You will not only learn to read and write texts at a high level, but - for instance - also take an extensive job application training in English. Moreover, this minor course aims to give you a fantastic boost in your general and personal development.


A. Advanced English 1
Advanced Grammar, Advanced Vocabulary, error correction, Collocations, C1 CEFR

B. Advanced English 2
Advanced reading and listening, transcriptions,  idioms etc. advanced vocab,  pronunciation C2 CEFR

C. The English Speaking World
UK and USA Civilization, International affairs,  influence on the world, politics, economy, social affairs, justice systems  and other topics, Plus difference in language and accents/dialects

D. Skills 1
Argumentative essay writing , discussions of professional and academic articles,  Corporate Communication and Marketing communication, Public Affairs, press releases and Public Relations.

E. Skills 2
Giving and preparing Presentations of international affairs, Extensive application training, Organising - preparing – chairing – and participating in meetings, discussions,  debates.

F. Final project
An individual academic or professional paper needs to be produced, presented and defended. Critical thinking and reading, Research, Use of sources, APA, style of writing.

Additional costs

If possible (Corona) we shall go on a (voluntary) field trip to an Irish university. This trip will cost approximately €400. Students who do not wish to take part in this field trip can do an alternative programme.


The minor course’s goal is twofold. Firstly, it aims to enable you to participate in an English-language working environment and to work and think in English at the level of a beginning academic. Secondly, practical assignments and reading will teach you to think critically and formulate your opinion and help you gain sufficient self-confidence to take the next step in your career.


The minor course can be taken by all students from HU and other universities of applied sciences proficient in English and holding a propaedeutic year certificate. The minor course is great for students who have already achieved the B2, C1 or C2 proficiency level (through a Cambridge certificate course, for instance). You do need a zest for work and a curious attitude, though, for this minor is mostly about learning by doing, so you will have to pull out all the stops.


The teachers will provide you with all the course materials.


The minor course is scheduled for Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Modules A, B and C are concluded with an examination. For modules D, E and F, we will test your practical, professional and academic skills. Given the nature of the assignments, attendance is required, and an 80% attendance requirement applies for each module.

Aanvullende informatie

Signed learning agreements for minors in period AB or Lint period can be uploaded up to and including 15 July 2022 in Osiris Application, see the instructions on the learning agreement. Learning agreements that are received after 15 July will not be processed. 

Signed learning agreements for minors in the CD period can be uploaded up to and including 9 December 2022 in Osiris Application, see the instructions on the learning agreement. Learning agreements that are received after 9 December will not be processed. 

Please note: Learning Agreements will be considered in order of entry in Osiris Application (first come, first serve). A submitted learning agreement will not entitle you to a spot within a minor unless the following is the case:

* The minor is not yet full: each minor has a maximum number of places per period

* The student has submitted the learning agreement in full (including his/her own details and signature and the stamp of the examination board).

* HU has signed and stamped the learning agreement