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City Marketing in Europe

Enrollment is not possible anymore for semester 1 2018-2019. The minor is full.

The minor entitled City Marketing in Europe (CME) is designed to give students a close-up look at City Marketing and has been developed in cooperation with the Knowledge Economy of Amsterdam Research Group (based at the CAREM Research Centre), Amsterdam Schhol of International Business Studies and Urban Management.

Students will literally ‘take part in the city’ in order to develop an understanding of the minor’s central questions, such as: What is city marketing? How can you brand a city? Is it possible to brand a city? When does city marketing work and when does it not?  The minor will enable you to understand the various methods that cities use to position themselves favourably. The factors that are important for the sustainability and popularity of a city include: connectivity, housing, economy, culture, tourism, creativity, education and research. You can expect to look more closely at areas like these during this minor.  

City Marketing in Europe is available to a large number of students and takes a multidisciplinary approach. The minor is suitable for students of (International) Business, Economics, Marketing / Communications / Creation and Information Management, Media, Information and Communication, Aviation, Urban planning, European Studies, and so on.


​The City Marketing in Europe minor covers a range of different subjects. You will have the chance to develop the skills required by an urban professional starting with observation, exploration and research skills during phase one. This phase, entitled Exploring the City, gives you the chance to gain a better understanding of the various fields of city marketing, brand and reputation. By the end, you will become a real urban insider. 

In phase two of the minor (the IVCF Working on the Cases phase), you will have the opportunity to develop the professional
skills needed in urban consultancy. As such, you will take partin a real-life international urban marketing and communication project.
This will give you hands-on experience of working in an international partnership. You will also benefit from the educational expertise of three educational institutions and come face to face with the business world as you carry out field work both here in Amsterdam and abroad in Paris and Barcelona.

Aanvullende informatie

Questions about the minor?
Contact Nuria Arbones Aran,

Questions about the Kies op Maat-procedure?
Contact Laila Akkouh,

Participants should keep in mind that they will need to make a personal contribution of around 400 Euros for travel costs to Paris and Barcelona.

Click here to go to the IVCF City Marketing in Europe Official Website


​The minor is appropiated to 'Kies op Maat' 3rd and 4th year students of any discipline with interest in urban environments, internationalization, and with Marketing & Communication Casuistry.

The student must have command of the English language at CEF level B-1.

Students willing to enroll must qualify for the Honours Programme and present their academic record, as well as a letter of motivation (in English, 1 A4 page) addressing why they want to take part in the minor. Convincing students will be contacted for an intake and information session where expectations and skills are discussed. Those who did not meet admission requirements will be notified by e-mail.

The maximum number of students is 30, including external students.


​Exploring the City – 6 EC
Exploring the City is a five-week introduction to city marketing, place image and reputation. As well as classroom teaching and supervision, the minor takes place around the city itself by means of field trips and visits to the key locations and stakeholders of contemporary Amsterdam.The programme consists of master classes taught by experts in the field, training in research and communication skills, field visits, autonomous study and group work. The minor is assessed by means of a written test on field literature and an individual oral assessment.

Advanced Communication in English – 4 EC
Throughout the minor programme, students are offered a module in advanced English. During the course, students practise to improve the way they express themselves professionally in reports and presentations. Students also improve their reading skills using academic journals from the field.
For this module the students are assessed by means of a presentation and a game during the first phase of the minor. In the second phase, the students take a written test.

The power of images and languages – 4 EC
This relates to all the modules of the minor. It prepares students to become better interpreters of the messages and other codes of different urban frameworks. It also enables students to work with partners in Barcelona and Paris in a more informed, intelligent and empathic way and helps them to achieve better results when working on their case study. The module is assessed by means of a film-making assignment and a video log.

Working on case studies – 10 EC
In the second phase of the minor, our students investigate and design marketing and communication solutions as part of ‘real-world’ client assignments associated with the city and city marketing. This phase includes comparative research as well as visits and meetings in Barcelona and Paris. We conclude the assignment with a Winter Congress and the final presentations for those organizations that commissioned the case studies. The primary assessment of this module is the international (city) marketing and communication project which is completed in teams.

Assessment of final portfolio – 6 EC
This module involves a number of consultation sessions at which the students relate the work done on the case studies to relevant theories, concepts and techniques. For the individual final assessment, students write an essay and prepare a prototype of a city marketing campaign that incorporates the different views and approaches that they have studied during the minor programme as a whole.


Literature texts Jane Jacobs,1961 'The Uses of Sidewalks' originally in The death and life of the Great American  cities, 
Erik Braun, 2012  'Putting city branding into practice'

Simon Anholt, 2010 in 'Places  identity, image and reputation'

Paul Claval, 2000 'The cultural dimension in restructuring  metropolises.The  Amsterdam example' 

Richard Florida, 2001 'The Rise of the Creative Class'
Gert-Jan Hospers, 2010 'Lynch’s The Image of the City after 50 Years: City  Marketing Lessons from an Urban Planning'
Mihalis Kavaratzis a,* and G.J. Ashworth, 2007 'Partners in coffeeshops, canals and commerce: Marketing  the city of Amsterdam Cities'
City Council of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Partners, 2004      The  making of the city marketing of Amsterdam.


​The minor courses and activities only take place 3 times weekly on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Because of the nature of this international minor programme, independant learning and studying generally happens throughout.