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Cross Cultural Business Skills

minor Cross Cultural Business Skills explains exactly what works and what doesn't work in selected countries of the world.

EVALUATION RESULTS: highest evaluation-score already since 2014 (previous grade 9,2).

FOREIGN STUDY TRIP: join the optional Spring School in Georgia (end of May),
or the Autumn School in Cluj, Romania (end of October), Summer School in China (July).

SCHEDULE: only classes on TUESDAY + THURSDAY (just afternoon/evening OR mornin/afternoon),
and half an hour coaching bi-weekly on Mondays.

INTERNATIONAL CALENDAR: ready around Sinterklaas (semester 1) or mid-May (semester 2).

MAIN TARGET: the class co-writes a real management book, so you can add a professional ISBN to your CV.
Go get published on your own name, become available in any library or via GooglePlay:
Release the author in you!

ONLINE: Many classes available as web-lecture, great own online resource depository.
Just work with your team-mates in the cloud (OneDrive). We self-produce quick YouTube tutorials, we offer education 24/7.

OWN TEXTBOOK: CCBS uses a 100% tailor-made textbook. Everything in just one single book.
Any project-question directly explained, plus step-by-step guidelines.

We use FACEBOOK as communication tool between students and lecturers, only a few mails.

EXCHANGE: we welcome and highly appreciate foreign participants.

CREDITS: two small exams (5 EC), int. survey 6 EC, book chapter 8 EC, Interview 2 EC, and individual task 4 EC.

LANGUAGE: offered in (easy) English.

100% TRAVEL PROOF: Enhance world-skills and insights you will take along, anywhere you go!



The student can:
Describe principles of effective cross-cultural communication for 25 selected national cultures.
Obtain applied research in the field of cross-cultural business communication.
Match the impact of national cultures during a one-week foreign project.
Be able to find professionals with the use of databases, social networks or via third (professional business) parties.
From our website you can download an accreditation document,
containing everything you need to ask permission at your own programme.

Aanvullende informatie

Question about the minor?
Contact Sander Schroevers,

Questions about the Kies op Maat procedure?
Contact Ineke Odenhoven,

The info-page of the CCBS elective course


​​Only one book (34 EUR) is prescribed: available from StudyStore campus bookshop at HvA Fraijlemaborg location or
If you should desire to join the optional spring or autumn school, travel and administration expenses are on individual basis.​
We suggest teams to opt for professional native English online checks (generally approx. 5 EUR per team member, once).

Applications will be processed in the order of receipt of signed learning agreements.


Regular requirements: pass of Propedeutic exam and 40 ECs obtained in the main phase.
This minor is open for: HvA (Hogeschool van Amsterdam) full-time and part-time students, KOM (Kies-Op-Maat) full-time and part-time students, HvA-exchange students, self-registered (paying) students from foreign non-HvA partner institutes, or as professionals.

All FBE students are admissible for this FBE minor. Occassionally students from other faculties might need to apply for an individual admission request at their Examination Board, but we are happy to confirm and help from our side, on our website are all kind of tip sheets.
The maximum number of students is 140, including external students.


Minor Cross Cultural Business Skills Internationaal (MCCBS) Voltijd en Deeltijd 30

Toets- en werkvorm Studiedelen EC's

1. International Survey (SuMo) - 6
- Digital (web) International Survey TS - 6
- Coaching International Survey BG - 0
- Clinics International Survey WC - 0

2. Country profile - 8
Written - Country profile TS - 8
Coaching - Country profile BG - 0
Clinics - Country profile WC - 0

3. Mid term - exam - 5
Written - Mid term exam TS - 5
Classes - Mid term exam HC - 0

4. Stream task - 4
Assessment - Stream task AS - 4
Coaching - Stream task BG - 0
Product - Stream task PD - 0

5. YouTube & SoundCloud assignment - 2
Product(s) - YouTube & SoundCloud TS - 2
Coaching - Youtube & SoundCloud BG - 0
Clinics - YouTube & Soundcloud WC - 0

6. Final exam - 5
Written Final exam TS - 5
Classes (evening) - Final exam HC - 0

If a student fails to successfully complete the minor in the period in which she took the minor it is possible to finalize the minor in a following period in which the minor is given.

If a minor is no longer offered or in case the minor is rewritten, the degree programme will offer students a further two opportunities to finalize this minor in the following year.


TXTBK semester syllabus and reader, ISBN: 978-90-79646-47-0, CCBS press (34,- EUR).
StudyStore campus bookshop at HvA Fraijlemaborg location, or StudyStore online bookshop.

Other (free) sources are:
- Our own Facebook group page, and the online OneDrive folder which is the preferred depository.
- Selected CCBS web lectures available from
- Minor CCBS YouTube channel, with quick tip clips.
- Mandatory use of recommended HvA databases.


All classes are only scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday. The plenary afternoon classes are from 12:00-13:40, and from 15:20-17:50. You can also choose the evening classes from 18:40-21:30 hrs. Part-time students only have evening classes, full-time students also have day-time workshops. Occassionally you will have a half hour coaching appointment, every 2nd or 3rd week or so. The actual day-time schedule depends on which team you have opted for, as we have different tracks (1-6). Normally the tracks start at 11:00. Furthermore these tracks are mirrored on both days. Meaning if you have an early class on TUE, than you will have the late class on THU, and vice versa. This is because the group size is a bit too large to have one project class, so they are split in two therefore. Furthermore certain team-assessments will be fully online, or via Skype etc. since we work with foreign assistants as well. You will like our methods.