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The Real International Deal

​In this minor you will be the entrepreneurial consultant developing new business for a Small Medium Enterprise (SME) your customer in the gaming or fashion industry. You will work in a team with 4 to 5 other students. You will visit European cities: Amsterdam, Dusseldorf, Lyon and Milan. You will explore the business opportunities for your SME. At the end of this minor you will organize an International European Trade Symposium in which you present the results of your research, your advice on branding and the generated leads leading to new business for your customer.

Our intensive learning program is developed with international organizations like Atradius, Michael Page International, IBM and the Chamber of Commerce of Amsterdam. Frequent international guest-lecturers and meetings with international business people in the cities visited present all the business topics like negotiating, corresponding, meeting, leadership, international business trends and sales! Specific training workshops are scheduled to help you generating 7 adequate sales leads. There are also weekly fact-finding lectures and clinics and training to support your professional development.


​The student is able to make an export sales plan - incl. a sales funnel -to get the best leads out of the assigned international markets suited for the assigned SME.

The student is able to translate the export assignment of the client (assigned SME) into an international sales strategy including project planning.

The student is able to translate the necessary activities into proper project planning incl. a professional project plan.

The student is able to give recommendations to the client (assigned SME) to improve the business.

The student knows the different markets of the four European cities in detail.

The student is able to work internationally.

The student is able to make a personal Swot and set goals for further development.

Aanvullende informatie

Vragen over de minor?
Contact Arthur Pereboom,

Vragen over de Kies op Maat-procedure?
Contact Ineke Odenhoven,


Travel expenses to the cities between approx € 500-600  


​We welcome all HvA- students incl. HvA exchange students The minor has a multidisciplinary approach. The minor is, amongst others, suitable for Students: Business, Economics, Marketing, Communications, Business and Media, Creation and Information Management, Media, Information and Communication, European Studies, Interactive media, etc. Students should have affinity with SME and international entrepreneurship and possess the ambition to work and learn in an international context. Students should have a working knowledge in English and should have a basic knowledge about marketing. Please Note that a personal application to this minor is mandatory. Based on this application you will be invited  

The ideal candidate in this minor is able to send in:

1. An up to date professional resume with a valid email address and mobile number.

2. A link to your up to date LinkedIn profile.

3. a  motivation letter – max 1A4- in which she /he state the following aspects:

·       Why she/he want to participate in this minor; what really motivates you?

·       A certified overview of the study results

·       The competencies she/he has in relation to entrepreneurship

·       The strengths and weaknesses she/he has regarding teamwork

·       A statement regarding her/his contribution to this Minor

She/he will send in a motivation letter of max 1 A4. A resume with max 2 A4, 11pt in correct English

If you recognize yourself in this description above please send in your motivation letter and resume to mr. A. Pereboom, coordinator MRID, email address:

Based on your application letter the MRID team will make a first selection of students to be admitted. All applicants will receive the result (Go/No-Go) by mail.

The students who are selected are requested to fill in a Belbin Team Role Test and are invited to a meet and greet event, which is mandatory.


Lead generation to 7 qualified leads + 50 inquiries incl. recommendations 15 ECTS

Personal leadershipskills 10 ECTS

Assessment Communication within the team and with the client 5 ECTS

The 3 parts total will lead to 30 ECTS

1st assessment after part 1: written report +assessment regarding sales strategy  and project management

2nd assessment in part 2: midterm - status leads and market investigation basis written report

3nd assessment and final examination in a team report which consists of:

·   7 qualified leads per team 

·   Market investigation and lead qualification

·   Inquiry report with 50 respondents per team with conclusions

·   Advice on branding for the SME customer

·   Reflection report about individual contribution ( individual)

If a student fails to successfully complete the minor in the period in which she took the minor it is possible to finalize the minor in a following period in which the minor is given.

If a minor is no longer offered or in case the minor is rewritten, the degree programme will offer students a further two opportunities to finalize this minor in the following year.


​A​ll literature will be available on the website 

Leeman, J., 2010. Export planning, extracts. available in pdf

Porter M.E., 2004 new edition. Competitive Advantage, Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance, extracts in pdf

Kim Chan,2004. Blue ocean strategy, extracts in pdf

Atradius country material and risk assesment reports

Syllabi/ testing forms/ Power point presentations/reports 


​Weekly lectures and training sessions; self-study and assignments reporting every Friday: 

Every week : 3 hours lectures 3 hours training 

Every week : 3 hours coaching and 3 hours team assignment reviews (based on weekly report of the Friday before)

Special events/days 

1st event: Kick off in Lyon October 2019 (two days)

2nd event: Visit Dortmund/Dusseldorf November 2019 (two days)

3rd event: Visit Milan November 2019 (two days)

4th event: Midterm assessment December 2019 in Amsterdam (one day)

5th event; Closing event European Trade Symposium January 2020 in Amsterdam (one day)

Please note: All admitted and registered students are obliged to participate in all meetings during the Minor. No exceptions made!