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Sport Development

The minor Sport Development looks at the world of sport development on a continuum of Sport for Development (addressing social challenges through sport in national and international context) and Development of Sport (getting more people to play more sport in national and international context). Aims for sport development are inclusion, empowering people and building communities through sustainable sport programmes.


At the end of the minor Sport Development, students:

- have knowledge of a variety of international sport development projects/programmes and why they are succesful or not

- have awareness of how to facilitate in sport development projects/programmes

- can transfer their own vision of sport development into their own project/programme start-up

- have practical experience in organizing and facilitating in the field of Sport Development

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Questions about the minor?
Contact René Randsdorp,

Questions about the Kies op Maat procedure?
Contact Cobi Kooistra,

A personal contribution of max. €500 should be taken into account for the fieldtrip in Europe. 

Aanvullende informatie:

Evaluatie: het ww is synYabE7Jo




Sport for Development 1 (5 ECTS): written exam and paper

Sport for Development 2 (5 ECTS): written exam and paper

Development of Sport 1 (3 ECTS): written exam and presentation

Development of Sport 2 (3 ECTS): written exam and presentation

Research and Project Management (2 ECTS): project plan

Faciliation Skills (2 ECTS): presentation

Cross Cultural Relations (2 ECTS): paper

Professional Orientation (2 ECTS): product

Social Entrepreneurship (2 ECTS): presentation

Policy, Governance and Structures (2 ECTS): presentation

Fieldtrip (2 ECTS)

Each student will have access to a re-assessment in case the first attempt was insufficient.


A variety of literature will be used ranging from peer reviewed articles to sources from the work field.


7 lectures of 100 minutes

Scheduled study times in between lecturers