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International Journalism

Would you like to explore and participate in the dynamic and daily-changing fields of International Journalism? Interview a family of asylum-seekers facing deportation from the Netherlands? Produce a weekly radio show? Mingle with ministers on a field trip to Brussels or London? Report from Istanbul or another vibrant European city for a week? Make a podcast about the growing power of Bollywood on the worldwide entertainment scene? These are the kinds of things you'll be doing in the minor ‘International Journalism’. In the international classroom, you'll work on all of your English skills necessary for content production, as well as video, audio and visual content together with students from all over the world. You'll analyse the techniques and influence of CNN, RT, Al Jazeera, the BBC and you'll be trying to understand today's conflicts; how they are (mis)represented on the many stages of world-wide media. Subjects range from politics to pulp to culture, gentrification, economics, media and more. This minor aims to connect the global to the local, and the local to the global, and find dynamic forms for the practice of 21st century journalism.

Are you a media junkie? Do you have opinions about what is going on in the world? Do you like to go the extra mile? If this is you, then the 'excellente' minor International Journalism is for you.


​This minor will help you develop a solid base in the knowledge, research and practical skills required for today's journalism. These skills will be put to use on a variety of media platforms, both on- and offline.

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Around 500 euro for flights, food and drinks during two trips abroad

the website of the minor students publish on from day one

Questions about the minor?
Contact Ronald Kroon,

Questions about the Kies op Maat-procedure?
Contact Karin van de Haterd,

Note: There are 4 places available. Applications will be processed in the order of receipt of signed learning agreements.


​The teaching and examination regulations of the Bachelor programme apply.

Motivation letter explaining why you would like to be part of this minor (max 1 a4)

News article in English (any genre and any topic)

Students will be registered in order of submitted learning agreements.


Journalism and Society - 6 EC - Portfolio and Exam
International Institutions - 2 EC - Portfolio
Conflicts and Media - 4 EC - Podcast and Report
Visual Storytelling - 6 EC - Portfolio
English for Journalists - 3 EC - Exam
Project IM/PRESS - 9 EC - Product

If a student fails to successfully complete the minor in the period in which she took the minor it is possible to finalize the minor in a following period in which the minor is given.

If a minor is no longer offered or in case the minor is rewritten, the degree programme will offer students a further two opportunities to finalize this minor in the following year.




Usually 3-4 days a week + weekly deadlines for stories

Contact time:
​Approcimately 200 hours. See course guide for the exact time.