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Working in the English Speaking World

This minor aims at offering students skills and knowledge to make it easier for them to work in English-speaking countries. It does so by improving the students' general level of English, by working on English for their fields of expertise, by looking into professional communication and English and American (business) culture. The minor is taught in English. For the research module students will have to plan a 2/4 day visit to a city/organisation in the English Speaking World during the mid-term exam period (cost: 300-500 euros). The students should organize this themselves

The minor is accessible for students inside and outside the HvA, but not for students of the English Teacher Training Programme .The minor is offered in semesters 1 and 2 (14 lesson weeks/ 20 weeks per semester). There is no part-time minor. Lessons are on Wednesdays and Fridays, from about 9 until about 5.


The students increase their knowledge of English, both in general English and in each student's field of expertise. The final level will depend on the student's entrance level, but the minimum requiremet is 'close to B2 '. ( Common European Framework of Reference). Every module will work on increasing the level of English, but this is done especially in the Cambrigde and Subject X modules. The first mentioned focuses on the different skills (Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking), the latter language used in the students' field of expertise.

The learning aims for History and Culture focus on those aspects of history and culture which are essential and useful to know if students go and work in the English-speaking world.  Professional Communication focuses on skills that are needed in the students' future professional environment, namely writing (application letters, reports) and speaking (meetings, negotiating) in their own field of expertise in the English-speaking world.

In the Research module students look into one aspect in their field of expertise by doing research in the English-speaking world. (2/4 days during the mid-term break). Students should come up with an idea for a research plan and will be coached in setting up and organising the research. 

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Questions about the minor?
Contact Dirk Koppen,

Questions about the Kies op Maat-procedure?
Contact Lia Stip,

Costs: ​Research in an English-speaking country: 2/4 days during the mid-term exam period  € 300-500 
Books € 50-100 

Applications will be processed in the order of receipt of signed learning agreements.


The target groups are third and fourth year students who wish to extend their knowledge of English and the English Speaking world. The entrance level of English should be at least B1 (bordering on B2) in the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), comparable to MBO-4/Havo.


Subject                                                     ECTS                Assessment

Cambridge English Skills 
(depending on the level of the student)     6                       written/spoken test

Subject X                                                   6                       assignments

History and Culture                                    6                      test/presentation

Professional Communication                     6                      assignments 

Research                                                    6                      report/presentation

The minor is taught in 2 periods of 10 weeks. There are 7 lesson weeks in each period and three weeks for tests, revision or research. The research will be done in weeks 8 - 10 of the course (normally at the end of October/beginning of November, and at the end of March/beginning of April). You organise and plan the research yourself. You will receive coaching before and during your research in the UK, you will receive coaching, if necessary. Weeks 17-19 will be dedicated to tests, presentations and resits.

If a student fails to successfully complete the minor in the period in which she took the minor it is possible to finalize the minor in a following period in which the minor is given.

If a minor is no longer offered or in case the minor is rewritten, the degree programme will offer students a further two opportunities to finalize this minor in the following year.


​To be bought AFTER the introduction day (early September and February) and after consultation with the teachers :

Murphy, R. (2002). English Grammar in Use. Third Edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. € 27,90. 
Kenny, N. & Luque Mortimer, L. (2008). FCE Practice Tests Plus(with key), Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. € 25,25.
Kenny, N. & Newbrook, J. (2008). CAE Practice Tests Plus (with key). Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. € 25,50.


Oxford /Cambridge Longman / Cobuilt Learners' Dictionary;


​Wednesdays 9.00-17.30
Fridays 9.00-17.30
(subject to change)
The other days should study or work on assignments