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Organizing for High Performance

Inschrijven voor semester 2 2019-2020 is niet mogelijk. De minor wordt niet aangeboden in semester 2 2019-2020.

The key to success is not so much the knowledge you might have but it is whether you get things done. The challenges we focus on in this minor are the new emerging business models and the speed of change. But also the trend that people want more influence in the workprocess. In this minor you will see that we have a technical approach which means that we see organization as working systems. These systems do have technical and human aspects that interact.

This minor shows you a different view on things. You will get an understanding of the relation between context and behavior, the possible gains of the differences between people and how to intervene for high performance. You will develop your own views and be able to argue the validity of it.



The main learning outcomes of this minor are:

► Understanding of new organization models

► Insight in the difference between hierarchical & facilitating management

► Understanding of intervention possibilities

► Insight in difference between management and leadership

► Understating the difference between planned and organic change


Aanvullende informatie

Questions about the minor?
Contact Gerard Oosterloo,

Questions about the Kies op Maat procedure?
Contact onderwijsbureau Faculteit Techniek, subject 'minor Techniek'.

Applications will be processed in the order of receipt of signed learning agreements.


Minimal 100 ECTS


The first part is about new organization models (5 ECTS). Actual trends and new forms of organizations are the focus points.

The second part is about the 'why' and 'how' of the behavior of people (15 ECTS). Instead of just addressing the behavior we go further into the fundamentals.

The third and fourth part are about technical and managerial interventions (2 x 5 ECTS). The influence of technical changes of and within the space as well as in the organization design of tasks and responsibilities. And a managerial part, about interventions through interaction between people.

Assessment methods

  • exams ( openquestions , multiple choice)
  • assignments
  • papers
  • presentations

If a student fails to successfully complete the minor in the period in which she took the minor it is possible to finalize the minor in a following period in which the minor is given.

If a minor is no longer offered or in case the minor is rewritten, the degree programme will offer students a further two opportunities to finalize this minor in the following year.


During the minor we will make use of a long list of books and other writen material. Since there are so many books we do not insist on any book in particular. There is no best book to our opinion, but there is a wide view on the topic of change and management. What we do instead is ask all participants to read and present 2 books to all participants. These books will be discussed in the light of what we have addressed in the minor. This whay the number of books that will pass the students is much more than one since all books have to differ from one another. You can make up your own mind  based on a wide range (often contradicting and so challenging) of views.


Mo, Tu, We, Fr: 4 hours

Th: assignment