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The Art of Making

Are you interested in product development? The minor The Art of Making will give you a comprehensive view of product manufacturing, from sketched concepts to production ready designs. In this minor the main fields of product design development will be covered focussing on design for manufacturing, design for assembly, costs and materials.

The Art of Making is redesigning with close attention to improvement. Focus in your design process will be on the function, batch quantity, target group and calculation of the cost price, combined we call these the schedule of preferences and requirements (p.v.e). By creating a range of different designs for consumer products like a stapler or a corkscrew, you constantly make independent design choices. You will consider efficient and affordable production techniques and choose your materials based on knowledge and research.

You will work in teams to design sets of configurations of existing products. In addition you will work out one of these concepts individually and shape it into a product that fits the style and design features of a brand. As a result you will have designed a splendid set of products that enable you to show future employers you really master all aspects of product design. Besides you will be capable to present your designs in an attractive, clear and convincing manner as well as explain and validate decisions regarding form, material and function with well-founded argumentation.


At the end of this minor you will be able to:
- Deal with feedback of fellow students and future employers;
- Prepare for future practice;
- Explain and validate design choices;
- Manage teamwork.

Aanvullende informatie

Questions about the minor?
Contact Frank Turkenburg,

Questions about the Kies Op Maat procedure?
Contact onderwijsbureau Faculteit Techniek, subject 'minor Techniek'.

Applications will be processed in the order of receipt of signed learning agreements.


​- Target groups are undergraduate students in their third or fourth academic year interested in product design in general.
- Basic material and production knowledge at undergraduate level is expected.
- Basic knowledge of Solid Works or a similar 3-D CAD design software.
- Basic skills of hand sketching.​

- It is important for all students to have written and verbal English language skills.



If a student fails to successfully complete the minor in the period in which she took the minor it is possible to finalize the minor in a following period in which the minor is given.

If a minor is no longer offered or in case the minor is rewritten, the degree programme will offer students a further two opportunities to finalize this minor in the following year.


First 4 weeks: Product choice, Vision, Mood board, Cost price, Function analysis (lesson and research)
8 weeks: working in teams on …
4 weeks: individual assignment