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Design, Build and Fly

The intention of this minor is to design, construct and fly a fixed wing single engine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), which is capable of flying a predetermined automated mission and drop a small package of food. The wing must be build with composite materials and its span is limited to 2 m. EASA CS-23 demands for both climb performance and wing strength must be applied.



​After the successful completion of this minor program, the student is able to:

  • effectively manage and function within a multidisciplinary (model aircraft) design project;
  • carefully weigh design demands and motivate all (multidisciplinary) design decisions;
  • design a model aircraft using composite materials and integration of (of the shelf) autopilot technology;
  • use Engineering software and simulators for design validation and prediction of (dynamic) behavior;
  • practically construct a high quality model aircraft (from own technical drawings) using a mix of production and joining techniques;
  • critically assess design quality (using data form practical testing);
  • prepare and execute an unmanned 'mission' ensuring compliance with operational requirements and effectively managing risks.​

Aanvullende informatie

Questions about the minor?
Contact Hans Devilee,

Questions about the Kies op Maat-procedure?
Contact onderwijsbureau Faculteit Techniek, with subject 'minor Techniek'.

​Material cost: 50-150 euro per student (highly dependent on the choices made during the design and production phase).

Note: The registration period for HvA students is prior to the registration period for non-HvA students. This may mean that the minor is already full for the start of the Kies op Maat registration period.


​The student masters the English language (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and is acquainted on the subject of mathematics and physics.


30 ECTS.

Assessment forms in these parts include:

  1. Project plan and concept design presentation & defense
  2. Simulator test, detailed design report, production plan, wing strength test and aircraft construction
  3. Mission execution, evaluation presentation & defense and evaluation report​



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​Schedule will be published approximately 2 weeks before the start of the minor. On average, there will be approximately 20 hours of classes in a week. However, full time commitment is required for successful completion of the assignment.