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Data Science - Research & Innovation (30EC)

Current social developments and changes are raising new questions and problems that are mostly of a very complex nature. Investigative skills and social responsibility are expected of an HBO (higher professional qualification) professional. In order to gain an understanding of and feel for these, you assume the role of a researcher in this advanced minor at HZ University. You learn how to perform practically-orientated research. You do this partly by following the instruction but above all by carrying out your own research for an organisation. This research is offered to you by one of HZ’s research groups. In addition, every HBO student is expected to be able to tackle these questions and problems in a more and more integrated fashion and in an increasingly multidisciplinary manner. You then go more and more beyond the bounds of your profession and you deal more and more with areas in which others are specialists. So the employment market demands not just specialists but also generalists with a critical eye and a proactive approach. Your research may be part of complex, wide-ranging, multidisciplinary research taking several years. So it may be that you carry out research together with students of other disciplines. In your research you will be supported by an experienced researcher and a process-supporting lecturer.

Data Science

Big Data is rapidly taking over society. Good structures for using data responsibly are now essential. Here it is important to really understand the business and, in a wider sense, the context of the issue. For the study of Big Data, the ideal is to start from one or more research groups in a multidisciplinary manner (both within HZ and with external partners). The diversity of issues relevant to society to be dealt with in this manner is great. And it delivers a range of authentic professional situations for the instruction. The first filter will of course be formed by HZ’s priorities such as Land & Water, Tourism & Business and Industry & Logistics. These in turn link to, for instance, the top national sectors and the national academic agenda. Big Data issues really demand data-driven decision-making. That is the essence of the Data Science specialist area. Within the context of the above-mentioned priorities: Data Science in a Sustainable Digital Delta.


In this minor you learn how to set up, carry out and defend practically-orientated research. See also the brief description of the content above.

Aanvullende informatie

This minor is offered by various Bachelor’s programmes and has both a 15 EC and a 30 EC variant. State which variant you wish to pursue and with which Bachelor’s programme. You can choose from HBO ICT, Architecture, Chemistry, Engineering and Logistics Management. This minor (both the 15 EC and 30 EC variants) always starts at the beginning of the spring semester (about 1 February).

Conditions for annotating the degree: Internally (to HZ), no conditions apply other than that the minor must be successfully completed. Externally, other conditions might apply. (Ask your own institution about this).


For participation in this minor, the conditions set down in the implementation regulations of the Bachelor’s programme that offers the minor apply. You will find the implementation regulations on


1. Development into a professional

May vary by Bachelor's programme

Weighing: 25%

Min. grade: 5,5

2. Research products

Research proposal, research report and defence

Weighing: 75%

Min grade: 5,5


Two or three days per week. The length and nature of these vary.