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Building with Nature -Research & Innovation (30EC)

Current social developments and changes raise new questions and challenges. These challenges are often very complex. A professional bachelor has to be able to investigate problems and act in a social responsible way. In this specializing minor of HZ you get the role of researcher and learn to deal with these complex challenges. You will learn how to do applied research. You do that partly by attending classes but mainly by carrying out research yourself for an organization. The research is offered by one of the research groups of HZ University of Applied Sciences. In addition, every bachelor is expected to deal with these questions and challenges with an more integral approach and often in a multi-disciplinary team. You will have to cross the boundaries of your own discipline and act in disciplines where others are specialized in. The job market therefore requires not only specialists but also generalists with a critical eye and a proactive attitude. Your research can be part of a complex, comprehensive, multidisciplinary, multi-year study. It may be that you carry out research with students from other disciplines. You will be guided in your research by an experienced researcher and a process supervisor.

Building with Nature

As a result of changes in societal demand and technical developments, water management and engineering are moving from hard traditional structures like dikes and dams, to designs in which natural structures and processes are incorporated. One of the underlying factors in this development is the increasing awareness of the impacts of climate change and its effect on water levels and extreme events. Furthermore, water managers are expected to create more safety, opportunities for recreation, and other benefits, with increasingly smaller budgets. This requires infrastructure that combines multiple functions. In our research group we work on application of the Building with Nature concept. ‘Building with Nature’ focusses on solutions that use abiotic forces of nature (e.g. wind and currents that transport sand) and ecosystem services delivered by organisms (e.g. reefs and vegetation that catch and stabilize sand). The research group also focusses on Building for Nature: creating additional nature values in and on mono functional structures such as dikes.


In this minor you learn to setup, preform and present applied research. For more information read the short description of the content above.

Aanvullende informatie

To get the minor notified on your diploma within HZ University of Applied Sciences there are no other requirements than to complete the minor successfully. Externally there may be conditions (inform yourself about this in your own university).


The requirements to participate in this minor are included in the implementation regulations of the HZ Education and Examination Regulations (EER) for the programmes of the Delta Academy, Water Management and Civil Engineering. You can find the implementation regulations EER at


1. Professional development

Weighting factor: 25%

Minimum score: 5,5

2. Research products

Research proposal, report and presentation

Weighting factor: 75%

Minimum score: 5,5


Two to three contact moments per week. Duration and nature vary.