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Chemistry Research Minor

In the Chemistry research minor, you will learn in the familiar environment of the HZ how to conduct assignment-led research. The assignment may have been provided by an internal research group such as OG Aquaculture or an external party such as Philips or Applied Instruments. You are responsible for the complete assignment. This includes defining research questions, performing in-depth research, presenting and discussing results, and writing a report.


-The student makes a major contribution to a research strategy provided and conducts the research.

-The student chooses a protocol/approach, adjusts it if necessary, implements it and obtains reproducible and reliable results.


Schoenmakers, G; Thomas, M; Wijnker-Schrauwen, M. (2020). Bachelor of science in the applied science domain: A competence-oriented profile description.
Check: Profile description - Domein Applied Science EN.


5 days a week


Research report & portfolio

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Chemistry, Chemie, Life Sciences, Biologie & Medisch Laboratoriumonderzoek, Biotechnology, Biotechnologie