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Aquaculture in Delta Areas (BFftF)

Research group Aquaculture in Delta Areas of the Delta Academy has its focus on sustainable saline aquaculture. Aquaculture is the controlled production of saline crops, algae, seaweed, rag worms, shellfish and fish. Cultivation of these organisms can take place in several (intensive and extensive) ways. 

The research group Aquaculture has built up an extensive network of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME), consultancies and knowledge institutes involved in the aquaculture sector. The main focus of the Research group is on Shellfish-, Macro- and Micro algae production.

Since we have close collaboration with SME's the research has a strong practical approach. In this minor researchers and students work together in field and lab studies in order to answer research questions for these SME's.

The research group Aquaculture uses a full-fledged research facility SEA Lab, in which many applied research (experiments) are carried out. Furthermore for field studies we have sophisticated measuring equipment and sensors available.

More information:


    1.  You improve the challenge based on a professional and proactive attitude.
    2.  You view and understand the challenge from different perspectives.
    3.  You design, execute, monitor, interpret and/or validate the professional product systematically.
    4.  You propose a desirable follow-up and critically evaluate the professional product (result) and the associated development process.
    5.  You share and record the results in a structured manner and, based on your results, you potentially contribute to enriching existing knowledge.
    6.  Project related goal (specified by or with help of work field).


Technical domain 
        • Water Management
        • Delta Management
        • Chemistry
        • Civil Engineering
        • Engineering
  Economics & Management domain  
        • Business & Management
        • Communication
        • Marketing & Economics

Entry requirements: you are in study year 3 or 4 and you have achieved your propedeuse.


Will be provided depending on topic.


Contact moments in general: kick-off (week 1), four workshops about research, workshops about relevant and specific topics (optional), poster presentation (end of the minor), final assessment (last week(s))
Contact moments specific for Aquaculture in Delta Areas: When necessary
Work forms: (guest) lectures, excursions, group discussions, expert consultation, workshops


Type: individual, oral Final Assessment about the participant's digital portfolio
Content: Portfolio consisting of evidence for the six learning goals (Professional Products and a Progress & Reflections report)
Minimum grade: 5.5 out of 10 points
Planning: semester 1: 18 until 29 January 2021  |  semester 2: yet to be defined

Inspection: same date as Final Assessment. Re-exam: 2 weeks after Final Assessment.
More information: Final Assessment

Aanvullende informatie

Language English. Depending on the project Dutch is possible as well.

Location HZ (Vlissingen, Middelburg) and / or at location in the work field, depending on the project.

Becoming Fit for the Future.