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Business Model Innovation and Leadership (English)

Innovating Business models of companies that visit the business model design studio. Act as a consultant for these companies.


Understand: the current Business model of companies

Ideate: innovate and create new business models

Prototype: design the new business

Validate: test the new business models

Aanvullende informatie

Extra: there is an intake procedure. For each group a maximum is set of 24 students.

Intake will be through application letter; please send to


Year 4; completed internship


  1. First portfolio-assessment
  2. Final portfolio-assessment
  3. Company Advice


Patrick van der Pijl – Design a better business

Alex Osterwalder – Business Model Generation


Group 1: monday-morning, tuesday- morning, thursday-morning, friday- morning

Group 2: monday-afternoon, tuesday-afternoon, thursday-afternoon, friday-afternoon