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Offshore Energy

Energy Transistion:

The minor is meant for students who are interested in the offshore energy transition from oil and gas to more low carbon energy, like wind energy , tidal energy etc. This also includes how to store the electrical energy from the windmills and the transition from electrical energy to hydrogen or syngas.   The students in this minor come from various (mainly technical) fields of study. You work together in multidisciplinary teams to the commands within the minor and to the final project. During (work-) lectures and the implementation of the projects you gain insight into the field of energy. Focus will be on safety.. Safety is a  major issue when working in the Oil and Gas industry. Each week starts with a Safety moment  and safety is incorporated throughout the Minor. Participants will gain practical knowledge through excursions and guest lectures from Companies and establishments involved in all aspects of the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas. 

The language of instruction in the minor is English (or Dutch in case all participants are Dutch).

The lessons are mostly taken care of by guest lecturers. These guest lecturers are from the Industry. LS&T lecturers (NHL/VHL) in Leeuwarden provide the main theory lectures.

Betty Johanns, coordinator Minor and lecturer:



The Minor will take you into the varied world of energy production. Focus will be on the transition to low carbon energy; the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry, Wind Energy, tidal energy. All information is up to date and as most lectures are given by experts and people who work in the Industry.

Outcome of this Minor will be that:

  • The participant knows the main players in the field of offshore energy
  • The participant knows how to scale and interpret the various mechanisms practically of current and future forms of producing energy
  • The participant knows the laws and rules that apply to the exploration and extraction of Oil and Gas in The Netherlands,
  • The participant knows how to draw up a simple reaction equation,
  • The participants of different educations and academies are familiar with the objectives of the Minor.
  • The participant knows the actual concepts behind the used risk assessment techniques and instruments within the industry,
  • The participant knows that incidents mostly are a result of defects in the organization of the operation (underlying factors),
  • The participant knows the influence of the Human Factor in relation to incident prevention.

Aanvullende informatie

Voor studenten tbk en integrale veligheidskunde geldt dat zij een motivatiebrief dienen mee te sturen met de inschrijving.

Bij minder dan 15 aanmeldingen wordt begin juli besloten of de minor doorgaat.


Propaedeutic exam

3r and 4th years UAS :domain Applied Science, Built Environment, Engineering, ICT and Science 


A introduction module (20%)

S Safety module (20%)

Introduction to energy transition (20%)

EP Exploitation and production module (20%)

MP multidisciplinair project (20%)


4 dagen per week van 9.00- 17.00

Location of the minor: Den Helder