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Computer Vision & Data Science

The centre of expertise Computer Vision & Data Science conducts applied research projects together with companies. You learn to develop innovative applications of Computer Vision & Data Science

Computer Vision & Data Science is enabling technology which is applied in many disciplines. For example: inspections of crop in precision agriculture or inspection of winturbine blades, but also development of software for medical use in micro surgery. Just a few examples of projects we perform at the moment.

In the minor Computer Vision & Data Science you develop knowledge and skills in this area.

You will learn the techniques and methods through a crash course during the first two weeks. Then a project will be chosen together with your supervisor. During your minor you will run this project in the Centre of Expertise Computer Vision & Data Science. Here you have access to state-of-the-art equipment like 3D cameras, high speed cameras, multispectral cameras, surround cameras, industrial cameras, many types of optics, lighting, and unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

Within this minor the main issue is obtaining and processing raw sensor data (images) through information (measurements in pictures) to knowledge. At Computer Vision, the focus is image acquisition and image processing, at Data Science, the focus is recognizing patterns in that information (Big Data) with the help of, among others, Deep Learning. Data analysis is performed using Deep Frysian, a mini super-computer with 44 Xeon cores, 512 GB RAM, 98TB harddisk and 4 x NVIDIA Tesla P100s NVLINK (14,000 computing cores).

More information can be found at the website of NHL Centre of Expertise Computer Vision & Data Science ( 



At the end of the minor you can design and develop a computer vision application. You will get familiar with the following techniques:

  • Image acquisition; camera, lens and lighting choice
  • Image segmentation and filtering
  • Object measurement and feature extraction
  • Classification and identification, among others by Deep Learning
  • Data analysis and optimization
  • Development and parallelisation of algorithms
  • Integration and embedding in systems

Aanvullende informatie

Teaching language is English


  • propaedeutic diploma HBO Technique or, for foreign students, a similar level
  • Some engineering en programming experience.


Technical paper or Final report


Literature can be downloaded from


In the first two weeks of the semester a mandatory introduction course with theoretical and practical exercises in the field of computer vision. Then on-the-job training by working on a concrete project in the Centre of Expertise under guidance of the staff.