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Modern Business in a Changing World (1st semester 20/21)

During this minor you will develop the competence to successfully plan, execute, and evaluate organizational change. You will develop this competence by participating in what we call a ‘Change experience’: a 19-week project where you work with three or four fellow students on a real-life case of an organization, city, or industry that is on the eve of a major change.


Your goal in this minor is to make real impact by making stakeholders enthusiastic for your change plans, to the extent that they actually want to carry your plans forward.

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Contributing to a change process that realizes the (logistics) goals of an organization, taking into account the consequences for and the support within the organization. 


Change Management
Strategy & Innovation
Project Management

Structure of the minor 

You will participate in various workshops and meetings which are organized around four themes: Behavior, Change Management, Project Management, and Strategy & Innovation. You will also work on a number of individual assignments. It is your job to apply the knowledge of the workshops and the individual assignments to your Change experience.

Teaching method(s)

Lectures, workshops, group work, coaching 

International context 

The projects take place in the Netherlands, some projects might also have an international component. 


You will receive numerical grades for five deliverables. You will spend approximately half of your time on group work (your Change experience) and half of your time on individual assignments. Concerning the group work, you need to deliver a final group report and a final group presentation. Concerning the individual work, there will be an exam, a literature study, and a field research assignment.


John Kotter - Leading Change